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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rain and Miracles!

Elder Gummow and his companion are at TGI Friday's in Gaoxiong with his recent convert!  He is having an amazing time and we are down to the last few weeks of his mission!  We received flight plans this past week and he will be arriving on Wednesday, August 20th!!  We will be holding an open house for him on  Saturday, August 23rd 7-9 pm at our home and his homecoming talk will be on August 24th at the Canterbury Chapel in Highland (10417 North 6750 West, HighlandUT)
 (**note that it has changed from our original plan to have it on August 31st)

Hello Family!!!

Good news!!!  This week J.... was baptized!!!  Everything worked out really well in the end and we're super happy for him!!! For the baptism his son came down and joined in the occasion!  His son loved Church too and he kept saying he wanted to join and get baptized too!  So hopefully he's next in line.  Unfortunately though Johnson's family lives in the north so we'll have to refer him to other missionaries!!

This last week we had a couple awesome miracles too.  I think one huge lesson I learned this week was on patience.  This week was super rainy.  It's typhoon season so it's been raining almost everyday and raining hard.  One day when we needed time to contact, it rained...and rained hard!!!  So we had to get off our bikes and start walking to contact people.  I was super bummed because it was messing up our schedule and the effectiveness of our missionary work.  

I talked to Elder Bean and we decided to go around the stores where people were waiting for the rain to stop and talk to them instead.  We find one guy and he invites us to sit by him and wait out the rain.  We started talking and turns out he was really close with missionaries before.  He met with one of our missionaries 10-12 years ago and came to Church a lot.  

We talked more and turns out he's missed come to Church all these years and so we invited him to come back and gave him the address of our Church.  Turns out he's moving next week and he was so surprised to see of all the places he could move to he's moving literally next door to our Church!!!!  He was super grateful to see this miracle and super excited to come back to Church.  

Also I don't know if I talked about X..... last week.  We invited him to fast last week about baptism and he did.  Turns out the lesson was on baptism that week in Church and it DIRECTLY ANSWERED HIS QUESTION!  We talked to him after about it, he knew it was an answer from God, but he still wasn't willing to accept baptism.  It just made me think back to the story of Laman and Lemuel.  They saw an angel.  But afterward still made wrong choices.  Why? Seeing X........ I realized how important is to be humble, a vision won't change you and neither will a direct answer from God.  It takes humility and facing what your weakness is and being willing to act in faith and change!  I just hope we can help him do that!!!!

Good week this week and I love to be able to serve here in Gaoxiong!!! Love You Guys!!!  

Elder Gummow

Oh and I got the Birthday letter!!! Thank you guys so much!!  Love YOu!!!

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