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Monday, July 7, 2014

Last transfer! 21st Birthday on Saturday!

Elder Gummow turns 21 on July 12!  I can't believe he is getting so old!  He was just a teenager when he left!  He has 6 weeks before returning home to Utah and I am sure it will be bitter sweet.  We continue to pray for his success in all and that he can survive the heat and humidity!  Below is a picture of his he and his companion that just finished his mission and the young man that he met in Douliu that was baptized last week.

Dear Family!!!!

WOW what a week!!  I can't believe it Elder C...   is gone!  He finished packing up last night and then that was it. He took off this morning after taking a couple pictures and now he's on his way to Taichung right now.  I'm gonna miss the man.  We had a really good move call together.  Saw a bunch of success, a ton of spiritual experiences and just a lot of good things happened.  It was a good move call and he was a good companion.  I have to be honest - it made me a bit trunky seeing him going, as well as a little bit anxious. There is only 6 weeks left of my mission.  It's such a short time and a move call flies by in mission time.  I only have this much time to finish serving the Lord with all that I've got!!!

You'll never guess who my new companion is!!!!  Oh man it's so crazy!!  Elder Bean is my new zone leader companion!!!!  My first real junior companion and now he's coming back here to Gaoxiong to finish things.  It's really a nice full circle for my mission.  I love Elder Bean as a companion, he's a super righteous, super obedient missionary, so we're going to have tons of fun this move call!!!.  I'm super pumped.  I still can't believe it.

This week went pretty well and smooth.  We had some good progression with our investigators.  J..... is back and meeting with us regularly!  He hopefully will be getting baptized this next, next week.  We finished the law of tithing with him this week so he's good with all the commandments and he's got a really good testimony.  He's sharing with his whole family and his son is going to come here next week so hopefully we can get the whole family involved.  He's really had a change of heart.

Q....... is doing really good to.  This week we taught him about coming to Church on Sunday.  He normally has work the night before so he sleeps through the afternoon but we asked him to come and he was super willing to change.  This week he made it to church!!!!  Although the only problem is he was 2 hours late :)  that's okay though he'll be on time next week.

I'm looking forward to this last move call!  It should be a good end to the mission and I"m excited to leave my last mark on Taiwan and this mission.  It's really an honor to be a missionary.  I love having the chance to help other missionaries and help others in their circumstances and to meet so many awesome investigators. 

Birthday this week -
I'm excited for it! J...... should be getting his interview this Saturday and I'll probably go get something to eat with Jerome.  Although it feels pretty like a normal day having a Birthday in Taiwan on a mission.  

Well love you guys a ton and so grateful for the mail this week!  Great to hear all the news!  Love You Guys!!!!

Elder Gummow  

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