Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, June 23, 2014

Learning about faith - visualize!

Hello Family!

Wow thanks for the great update this week!  That was so crazy to see Chase's email and see where he is now and how much he's changed already.  He seems like a stud missionary!  I can't believe he's the only white guy in his District too, that's so crazy!! Do you by chance have his email?  I would love to write the guy.

Glad to hear things are looking better and looking more up.  It was quite a shock last week to hear the news but prayers and focusing on the work have helped a lot and this week turned out really great!  Tons of miracles which was really good.

This week was awesome because we were able to get 2 new goals and some new investigators which was super sweet!  We've been trying really hard this last week to improve our area and see things like this happen and it finally did!

It feels good.  We were kind of in a rut there for a bit, but it feels like we've finally pulled out of it and now we're back on the path that God's wants us to be.

This week a cool experience.  We had this new investigator his name is Q......Lea.  He taught me a lot about faith this week.  I was super surprised when we first met with him.  His body is covered with tattoos and his nails are long and his hair is died a different color.  At first I was just thinking...this guy is just going to meet with us once, he's just interested in Americans or something like that.  But I immediately realized that was a horrible thought and remembered President Monson's talk about this missionary that had tons of success on his mission because everyone he talked to he imagined them dressed in white.  So i did the same thing.  It was crazy!  We met with him on Tuesday then he came to Church on Sunday for the full time.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie and he felt the spirit and we started talking about Baptism.  He says that he has lot of sins and mistakes that he feels bad for and he wants to be able to get rid of them.  He wants a new start to his life. The spirit was sooooo incredibly strong and his desire was super strong!  At the end, He basically set up his own date in the end 7/18 so less than a month away!

The next was another manifestation of the Spirit and how it can change people.  Johnson an investigator we have right now.  He says that every time he comes to Church he's really happy and he doesn't know why.  We talked to him about the spirit and he asked us if he had been baptized in another Church does he need to get baptized again.  We talked about baptism with him and he's willing to.  His date is also for the 18th

This week Brother X... didn't end up getting baptized :( It was a little bummer.  He says he wants to now but he wants his mother to support him first.  So we're still working with him.  He'll get baptized eventually.  His wife did get baptized this week though which is great news!!!  It was a great baptismal service and she gave an amazing talk on her conversion process.  Super Awesome Family!!!

This week was great and it's great to hear from you guys!!!  Love You guys and praying for you!!

Elder Gummow

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