Elder Matthew Gummow

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Elder Gummow is back where he began and loving it - although he is there when the heat will be at its peak!

Hello from Gaoxiong!!

It sounds like you guy might already have a good idea of what's going on from Jerome, I'm not sure...  Let me just say though...He loves you guys so much and is so thankful that he could stay at our house in America.  I think growing up he didn't have a good family life at all, so staying with you guys for week was like a taste of heaven to him.

It's good to be back in gaoxiong!  I'm still getting used to this place and all this stuff but it's nice to be back where I started and seeing that changes that I've have come because of my mission.  It's nice to see Jerome again and help him out.  He hasn't been really active lately but he came back to a part of Church last week so that's really good.  He just need some friends and some people that can support him in this Church!!

The weather is HOT here, last time I was here was in the winter but now it is the summer here and it is a lot different!!  It's probably been over 30 celsius the past week so it's taken a little getting adjusted too.

I figured this is the first new area that I've been to that has good progressing investigators.  It's a zone leader area so it's been taken care of really well.  This week I got to meet L.., he's probably one of the best investigators we have right now and he's probably going to get baptized.  He came to church this week and loves everything about it we just need to work on getting him more friends.

This week we also had a crazy lesson.  We're teaching a family here, the X.. family. The are awesome, a little quiet but super willing to come to church and be a part of the ward.  They are the relief society president's little brother and he is super awesome. Last week we had a lesson with them and had the stake president helped us teach them.  It was crazy - as we were teaching them the stake president started teaching about the role of the Holy Ghost and what it does and at that moment the father of the family just broke up and started bawling.  He was touched super strongly with a incredibly manifestation of the spirit.  It was crazy and I have never seen such a powerful witness of the spirit in others!

The saddest part though is that he still wasn't willing to make a date for baptism.  They are definitely awesome and an awesome family he's just a little worried about some faith problems.  But he knows now this is where his problem is and he's working to gain testimony.  I just really hope that he'll get baptized before this move call ends!!!

It's been a good week though and a lot of new experiences, responsibilities, and things to learn being in this area - most likely the last area of my mission.

Elder C, he's a cool guy.  Super chill - which makes us two really alike and our contacting and teaching methods are both really similar which is nice.  He's going home after this move call so he's a move call older than me in the MTC so I never knew him that well.  He's from Oregon, his dad his a former movie star and entrepreneur which is pretty cool and he loves soccer and basketball.  Over all he's a really good guy and a good missionary.

This week was awesome and I'm just excited for next week.  As the time get less and less I get more and more antsy about using the time well.  It's going super fast!

Love you Family!  Thanks for all you guys do and the support!!!  Nice to hear from you this week!!

Elder Gummow

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