Elder Matthew Gummow

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014


"This week there is not too much to report.  It was a okay week for us here but we're still looking forward to some good improvement in our area.  I know that we just need to work hard and the results will come.  God's just trying to teach us that we need to change in someway and we're trying to work that out. It was the same way as when we we were in Douliu.  Also Elder C is going home soon so we hope to see more success before he goes.

Exchanges have been fun though. This week I was able to have a small reunion as I was able to exchange with Elder J (my trainee) and Elder O (old district member)  they are both super super awesome missionaries and I'm so glad to have a chance to serve with them again.  Elder Jiang is awesome and he has progressed a ton lately, he's really an amazing missionary.  And it was good to be with Elder Ogunbote again, he's a solid missionary and has been having some good success lately.

We saw miracles together.  With Elder O

we met a new family.  They were super awesome. A single dad with his two daughters.  The Dad was hesitant but the two little girls were angels.  We asked the family if they wanted to come to Church and the girls said YES!!! Which convinced the Dad that they had to go.  I love the way the Lord works sometimes.

Things are still good lately and we're looking forward to this next week as there is a lot of potential for next week.  We hope things work out!  Pray for us!!

Love You Family and I hope that all is well!  My heart really reaches out to you guys at this time!!!

Elder Gummow

PS  Here is the new suit I had made

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