Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, June 30, 2014

100th post!!


Wow this week was a crazy one!! But it was great to hear all the good news today!!!!  Sounds like a lot of good things happened this week!!  Looks like a lot of hope for the future!!  Glad to hear the family's doing well!  Love them and praying for them!!!

This week was,....well it looked really good at the start but then it ended really just okay in the end.  This week we got attacked on all fronts, my companion got sick, some problems with the ward, investigators not showing up to appointments.  I don't know why but ever since I've been here it's been harder to do missionary work.  

But apart from this I know how important it is to KEEP THE FAITH !!!  There is still definitely a bunch of good things going on and it's important to keep focused on what's ahead and keep pushing forward.  If anything at all we saw some great new investigators this week, as well as a self-contact that looks really really cool!!

It's the last week for my companion here. I sure hope he gets feeling better for his last week here. love the guy and it will be really sad to see him go.  He's an awesome missionary and we had a really good move call together!

The great news was to hear about G....!  I'm so glad that he got baptized!!!  We saw him this Monday and he was doing awesome!  I could tell that the Gospel has changed him so much and I was so happy to see it in him!!  He was so much more confident and happy!

His situation...He was actually a former investigator from a couple years ago...I don't know why the missionaries stopped teaching him.  He's loved Christianity his whole life though and was super open and willing to the idea of baptism.  He was of course a little scared about it all at first but after coming a couple times to Church and feeling the spirit there and meeting members he progressed really quickly.  He's a super awesome guy!!!

Q.... is doing awesome.  He's been progressing wonderfully and we're still hoping for his baptism on the 18 of July!!  Also J.... is looking really good too, we met with him this Monday and he has been praying and reading with his family!  He took 2 Book of Mormons from us last time so he could start reading with his family too.  He has definitely been touched by the Spirit!

So things are looking up for these next couple weeks and we are really excited for this last week with Elder Cornilles.  It's time for the last sprint to the finish line!!

Love You Family!!!!

Elder Gummow

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