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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day - Phone Call!

 We loved our Mother's Day Phone call/Skype from Elder Gummow!  It was bright and early - 6:30 am in Utah (8:30 pm in Taiwan) so we were only somewhat coherent after a late night the night before, but to see him and hear his voice was really awesome!  I didn't tell him I was taking this picture (he was talking intently to a family member) so I didn't actually get his smile, but you can get the idea.

He sent a few other pictures along with his email that arrived last night.  This one is his Zone in Jaiyi, I think.

He only has 2 1/2 transfers left and is scheduled to arrive home on August 20th!!  He will have 10 days or so before he starts the fall semester at BYU!


It was so crazy talking to you guys yesterday!!!  Literally all you guys have grown and changed so much.  It's awesome to see. Love You Family!!!

This week was a pretty good one all in all.  We had a couple good miracles and I think that the biggest one was on Sunday.  We had these two investigators come to Church.  Both really awesome and one of them was willing to make a goal for the end of this month! Our goal right now is too have another baptism at the end of this month, it's our whole zone's goal so we're working really hard to make that possible.  We just need more faith and it will be done.

Mother's Day was awesome here too.  We had a bunch of good activities and it was a good time to see everyone's families.  It was awesome to see you guys too!  Our family is so awesome!  I hope you realize that.  Being able to talk to you guys just made me want to be a better missionary, work harder and just keep going strong.  Thanks for the support!!!

I don't know if there's much to say since we just talked yesterday.  Basically Elder Zhu and I are just working on the finding and lifting up others and our district.  Oh and it's rainy season here so it rained almost every day this last week except for today and yesterday both beautiful weather days.

This week I feel like my testimony of prayer grew much stronger too.  When the rain comes and maybe some things don't go right in missionary work, the power of prayer has helped me so much to know - 1. God loves us and wants to help us 2. He's sees the best in us and wants us to become 3. God's wisdom is higher than ours we just need to be patient.

Thanks for the email on prayer this week Mom!  I'll definitely try it out.

 Love you Family!!
Elder Gummow

P.S.  Sorry we were going to send the Mother Day song to you guys today but it's not downloading for some reason!!  We're going to have to try it out next week.

Love You Guys!

Below are some pictures of them on P-day at a nearby theme park-

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