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Monday, May 26, 2014

Exciting News!

Well, Elder Gummow was right about moving this move call.  He has been in Douliu for 2 move calls - which he has thoroughly loved!  But his last two move calls will bring him full circle - because he is going back as a Zone Leader to Gaoxiong where he began his mission!!  He is very excited  - here are some pictures from Sister Chen of him leaving the train station in Douliu and one from Jerome (his convert that came and visited us in February) who is from Gaoxiong and was excited to welcome him back!

Other great news is that I was able to sign him up for housing at BYU in the fall.  I found out that not only will he be with many other RM's from his mission, but that I randomly selected a room that also has a guy from mainland China signed up to live there!  It should be a great transition and a fun school year for him!


That's great news to hear!!  I was super hoping I would be able to get into Heritage...some of my favorite missionaries will be staying there so that will be perfect!  Plus staying with a Chinese guy that might not be a member that's as perfect as it could get! Thank You Mother for taking care of that, it should be super fun there and sounds like there is a lot of good people that will live there!!

This week, you're right - sad/exciting/happy/all of the above news. I'm going to Gaoxiong!!! I was in Douliu for only a short time and I thought that I would stay here for a long time but I guess not...I'm going back to Gaoxiong!!!   I'm going to be able to go on exchanges back to Zuoying, the best place ever, and I should be able to see all the people I met with in Zuoying!!  There is a bunch of people that I never got to congratulate or talk with, plus this time my Chinese is good enough that I'll be able to talk with them a bunch!!!  I'm super excited!  I think Jerome is still there too so I'll get to meet up with him again!!!

This was a great last week as well.  Douliu is doing so awesome.  Oh ya I forgot to say, guess who's taking my place here in douliu as senior companion!!!  It's Elder Ward!!! My companion in Zhanghua!!!!  He'll be taking over this area and be with Elder Zhu for the next move call.  I was so happy to hear! He is literally the most righteous missionary I've ever met and I can totally trust him to take over this area and our investigators.

This area has been exploding these last few weeks.  We had 7 new investigators and 14 lessons with members this last week and 6 people at Church.  It's been the best time ever on my mission with Elder Zhu.  Also L...(A...) came for 3 hours on Sunday and he's ready for baptism!!!  He's so awesome, and loves the Gospel. I'm hoping, but I don't think I'll be able to make it back to his baptism! :(  

I think that the Lord's preparing this area for when Elder Ward comes in...It's going to be a good time in Douliu for them.  They are going to do awesome together too.  

I'm super excited to go to Gaoxiong but I'll miss this area too...There are so many people that I've grown to love so much in this area!!!  NO!!!

Well it's down to the last 2 move calls.  Down to the finish line and time to end stronger than ever!  Gaoxiong was literally my dream place to go too.  God has been so loving and merciful to me, I get to go to GaoXiong!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOO EXCITED!!!

Love You Family and so good to hear about everything going on this week.  Keep me updated!!

Thanks for all you guys do!!

Elder Gummow

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