Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, May 5, 2014

Continually Improving

Dear Family,

Well I don't know what to say much...The news was shocking, but I guess I saw it coming.  I hope Aimee's okay and I wish that I could give her a hug right now or something like that.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for her right now. One thing I do know is though even though I can't be there right now to help or comfort, God is there and very close by her. It's the most comforting and warming thing to know that the Gospel is true and that God is real and loving.  We are his Children.  He doesn't care what happens, what we do, who we are he just loves us.

I think I was super inspired by that thought this week.  God loves us, he sees our potential, and he wants us to change, improve grow better.  It's the whole meaning and the beauty of the Gospel.  Change is often hard though and requires "a load" like Elder Bednar said.

This week was harder for us.  Elder Zhu and I have been trying really hard this week to work towards our goal.  1 baptism this month.  We contacted for the most part of everyday this week.  With almost no able to see results.  But right now I'm just so grateful for the growth it's brought to us...personally and as a companionship.  We learned that in difficulties we don't complain or give up.  We do as Nephi did when he broke his bow.  We think of new solutions, we listen to promptings from the Lord, we humble ourselves, and we seek growth and improvement.  After all this is why God gives us difficulties.  To help us grow.

I just want to be the person that the Lord sees in me, and I want to change and follow the Gospel. Continually improving.  I'm grateful for the Atonement that gives me the opportunity to change, to be a better person.  And I hope to use it in my life forever.

This week I think I should say was hard, but right now - it's awesome!  All I feel is gratitude and hope for the future.  Maybe we won't find new investigators next week.  But we still have the Gospel, the Atonement, the chance to grow and to love others. The spirit to guide us and help us do the work as God would have.

This week ended pretty well with two investigators coming to Church for the first time.  They were both super awesome.  Adam and Ethan.  Both super similar and both looking for a Gospel and a place to feel belonged and loved.  We have great hopes for them!

Today we are going to eat with Tara's Son . He read all of the Book of Mormon this month so we're going to treat him out to a buffet.  What a Stud!!

L.. is doing good too.  He ate with a couple different members this week and met with our branch president for an interview.  The ward here is so awesome!!!

Love You Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Gummow

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