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Monday, April 14, 2014

General Conference - New Companion

Elder Gummow had quite a week!  We are blessed to be getting some pictures sent to me via Facebook by an awesome member of his ward there!  These pictures are courtesy of her camera and kindness.  Some are of Elder Gummow and his previous Companion and some are of Elder Gummow and his new companion.


Wow what a crazy, action packed week.  Maybe one of the best weeks ever on my mission, as well as maybe one of the saddest, and just filled with change and newness and just...emotional roller coasters.

The sad news first...yes Elder Dawson is moving. I'm going to miss that guy he is an awesome missionary.  Super dedicated, obedient and striving with all his heart to improve which makes the best kind of missionaries.  

He's moving to Hengchun, the most southern part of the mission.  I'm pretty scared for him, he'll be there in the summer (the hottest place in Taiwan during the hottest time of the year).  He'll have a blast there though.

My new companion is a Elder Zhu. He is Taiwanese and the funny thing is that he came on the same time as Elder Jiang.  They were only two Elders that came on at that time and now I'll be working with both of them!!! Crazy!!!

I just heard news from Elder Jiang too...A guy that we met just barely before we left is getting baptized this week.  I am so happy for him!!!!!!!  He was super cool guy, 18, and when we first met him I thought he was just another contact, but turns out he was awesome and he brought his friend last week and loves Church.  Hopefully I'll be able to see his baptism this upcoming week.  Missionary Work is awesome!!  And so worth it!!

This week we also met with L    again.  He is doing awesome and he had this friend that had a super spiritual experience recently and started to have huge interest in the Gospel.  His friend is also super awesome too and he set a baptismal date for 5/17!!!  We're so pumped!!!!

B    is looking really good too.  We shared two commandments with him this week and he was fine with all of them.  He has his interview this next week and he's still super super awesome.  I love this guy!!!

This week we also had an exciting event.  We had two new Elders move into Douliu.  They're are awesome guys too.  One of them, we were together at the MTC for part of the time, the other is an Elder Chad Johnson for Highland, UT!!!  Crazy!!!!

This conference was amazing and went super fast with all the changes and stuff and the anticipation of the future events, and Elder Dawson leaving.  It's been a crazy couple of days, and I just felt like the whole conference was saying to me the whole time that I should step up and be an example of the believers.  I'm so pumped to be a missionary after hearing all their spiritual messages too.  It's my opportunity to represent Christ everyday.

All in all this was just about as perfect week as possible and I feel like missionary work is the best thing in the world.  This is going to be a good next move call too!!!!

Love You Family!!!!

The time is short today because of moving and stuff, but love you guys!!!  Glad to hear all the news this week! Jiayou!!!

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