Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfers! - on to Douliu!

Dear Family!!!

Thanks so much for the letter this week.  All I have to say Mom is that you're super amazing! I don't know how you could tell, but I was a little bit down - "under the weather" last week. This week was better though for sure.

Yes I'm moving...I was completely not expecting it - like I was a hundred percent certain I was going to be staying here but then the Zone Leaders called and told me I was going to Douliu!!!!!  I couldn't believe, even now I still don't fully comprehend it.  I thought I would stay and finish training my companion but I guess my companion is already ready so they took me out sooner.

It was a mixture of sadness and happiness yesterday as we say goodbyes to everyone.  A sister in this ward and I moved today so we took a bunch of pictures with all the friends we had here.  It was so incredibly deeply sad to have to say goodbye to Matthew.  He is the greatest and most prepared guy I have met, ever and his faith is so strong.  He helped me and I was able to help him receive the Gospel here, and through that we made a really strong bond.  I got to see him from beginning to start.  The crowning event probably was that he taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday on Sunday and he bore his testimony problem 20 times of how greatful he was to join this Church and also how grateful he was for my example, etc.  It was just kind of one of those moments where I felt kind of down about things but hearing him speak made a mission completely and totally worth it.  Like I feel like a spoiled rotten child to have seen so many miracles and blessings working here.

That night we got to take pictures with all the people we met and taught while we were in Zhanghua, and it brought me to tears.  There was a huge difference from when we first got there to the end and I was just so moved at how God's hand is in this work and that when maybe it felt like not a ton was happening, God took the small things and turn them into huge big differences when we worked together as a ward and as missionaries.  This is probably the best ward and most connected ward I've ever been in and I learned so much from their obedience, faithfulness and Christlike examples. Man I'm going to miss everyone. But in return I'm looking forward to a new start and new great experience in Douliu.

WAHOO!   I got into BYU I can't believe it!  I wasn't sure I would make it.  Sara made it too?  and is that where she's decided to go for the fall?  I'm still not sure about where I want to live and stay.  I'll have to think about it.  I'll ask around and see who's willing to room with me :)  Can you check the fall semester thing for me though, it's okay with me.

So I still haven't got to Douliu yet.  The train comes in an hour so now I'm just waiting.  I'm pretty excited though.  Douliu is in the Jiayi zone and Jiayi zone is trying to make a new stake now so the members are really excited for the work and it's where missionary work is really going on.

So, so crazy to see Josh home!  He looks a lot different and his hair is really short.  It still seems pretty normal to me - seeing him at his house with the gang - so it's surprised me less than I thought it would.

That's about it for now I'm kind of short on time today because of the train ride.  But I love you guys and I'm praying for you guys everyday.  Dad, good to hear the test's over and you can relax a little bit.  Also good to hear about the kids and see Bryanna's basketball team:)  You guys are awesome!!

Love Elder Gummow

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