Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweet is the Work!

This was a great week for Elder Gummow!!  His sister returns home from her mission in Taipei having served a wonderful 18 months, but he is on fire still and has hit the sweet spot on his mission!

Crazy awesome week this week and a bunch of cool new good things are going on in our area now!! 

This week we had lots of cool miracles and things going on all starting from our mission conference this Tuesday...

On Tuesday, we had the mission conference and President gave us a really clear path of what his goal was for the mission and how he want's us to try and hit the "Mission Standards"  - something that has given us as a clear way of knowing we are progressing toward baptism and true progression in our area.  It's something he gave us a long time ago but I never tried really hard to hit the standards as I have never been one to want to focus on numbers.  But this week we decided to give it some more effort and focus on them throughout the week. 

We came to Saturday and realized that we were so close to hitting the standards but it was going to take a miracle the next day to make it possible.  So we fasted and did our best to "Consecrate"  ourselves as it invited us to in the talk Sara gave me this week, thanks Sara!!!  When we did, when we sacrificed and took away any sort of thing that could distract us from the Spirit the blessings just came pouring in, it was literally insane.  So much that we couldn't even handle it.  

It ended up that Sunday we got 2 times as many investigators as we we were planning for...There were people that we just randomly invited on the street that came to Church...and we met people on the road that said that they have always wanted to become Christian and just didn't know how to go about it.  It was literally too much and at the end of the day, the first thing we did was thank God for his help and mercy in this area.  We felt a little lost there for awhile but once we found the path we should take and sacrificed our whole work and selves to God, the blessings just came pouring in. It was probably one of the most literal testimonies of exact obedience bringing blessings on my mission, and catapulted me into wanting to be a more perfectly obedient missionary.

So we ended the week above the standards - some of them even more than doubled and just grateful in our hearts that God is watching over our work here and is so merciful to us if we're obedient.

This week there was two other cool things.  We found a new investigator family that was quite a big miracle.  The wife came and told us that she wasn't happy with her life and didn't know how to fix it but so admired us missionaries and wanted help.  It was a great experience and opportunity to testify of how Gospel blesses families, etc.  And she wants us to meet her son next week so we're super excited for that...

Also there is a famous person in our ward that just moved in, you can look her up, Sara probably knows her she is the Photographer from Taibei and "I am a Mormon" website and has a movie about her where she talks about how good Taiwan's food is and how happy the Gospel makes her.  She and her husband just moved in Douliu this week and it was totally according to God's will, because Douliu really needs some help in leadership and unity.

Missionary work is awesome and I feel like I finally have got on the path that I need to be on to push forward to the end and finish my mission with a big bang.  I'm so grateful for revelation and for the fact that God always answers our prayers - sometimes it may take challenges, trials and faith but He does answer.  This Gospel is awesome!!!!

Love You Family!!! 

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