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Monday, March 31, 2014

Highs and Lows

It was great to hear from Elder Gummow this week and so strange to be only writing one missionary email instead of two!  Our daughter arrived home from her mission in Taiwan on Saturday and it has been wonderful to hug her and hear some of her stories.  It will be extra fun to have that mother's day call with her here to talk to Elder Gummow too!  I included a few pictures from their Zone Conference last week that were on the Mission Blog.  Thanks Sister Blickenstaff!!

Hello Family!!!!  And Sara :P

Wasai!  What a trunky P-Day today :)  It's okay though don't worry mother or family, Elder Dawson and I are really focused.  But today I see pictures of Sara's homecoming!!  At least we get to go eat at an all you can eat place with some special guests!  Ya!

So this week was awesome and a bunch of super lows with a bunch of super highs.  That's really mission work as a whole I guess.  We had troubles at the first with keeping the consecration going and had some huge bumps in the beginning of the week.  So by about Friday morning, we decided that it was enough and that we had to start going forward again.  So we revised our plans and made new goals and put things back in order and it ended up turning out to be good in the end.

The highlight was L..., he was a new investigator from last week and we met with him again this week.  He is amazing.  He's kind of quite so we weren't really too sure about his situation at first.  But after we ate dinner with him we started to talk about the Book of Mormon and he just lit up.  He was crazy about it and just kept on talking about how great it is to have a record like this and the Buddhism and Taoism have nothing like this.  We asked him if he had a chance to pray about it, he said he did and afterward he felt a voice tell him that he needed to read all of it as soon as possible.

So he's an amazing guy, and we set a baptismal date for 4/26 with him that same meeting.  He was so willing and so prepared.  It's like he's been waiting for the Gospel his whole life.

Things on the other side are working out okay too.  We've been working a lot with Less-Active members this week, and we had one member (a Melchizedek priesthood holder) come back this week.  He was really invested in coming back too and he says he's willing to get a calling as soon as possible.  What a miracle!

I think that I owe these miracles to the progression of this ward.  It's incredible, they were really lost at first but from about 2 years ago they pulled out of it and lately the progression of this ward has been incredible and they are super righteous and humble and are willing to act.  It's amazing to see!

The goal of our ward is to get enough Melchizedek Priesthood holders to split this branch into two and we are getting really close to doing so, it's so exciting!

Elder Dawson and I are doing awesome!  Douliu is amazing! the weather is nice!  There's nothing to complain about here.  (Sara probably understands what I'm saying right now).  Anyways love you guys so much and take care of Sara!  Don't let her lose her fire, we are totally doing companionship study together when I get back.  Love You Family!

Elder Gummow

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