Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tough week! New Pictures-

 Elder Gummow shared some pictures with us this week.  He didn't really explain them, but I believe the pictures are from Sun Moon Lake - a popular tourist attraction that they visited with their new convert last week on their P-day.  The weather looks great and I wish we had it that warm here in Utah this time of year!

Hey Family!

This week was actually pretty hard.  Maybe one of the hardest of my mission so far.  I just felt kind of abandoned in the work and had no idea what my companion and I should do. I guess it just happens that after the blessings come, there needs to be another trial of faith.
This week was really great with our new recent convert, M....  He is so solid in his faith at such an early time in his conversion process.  It's really inspiring.  He was with us everyday of this week - up until he went back to his home for Guonian (The Chinese New Year).  He helped us so much and we saw so many miracles doing missionary work with him.  
However, a big shadow fell upon our work about Tuesday night.  Our best investigator and our M.... both found information online against our Church and Joseph Smith.  It was scary, M.... luckily was fine, he's had spiritual experiences and he has a testimony so he overcame quickly the protest.  But our other investigator is still struggling in his faith.  He doesn't like Joseph Smith at all right now.  We tried to emphasize him gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He was our best investigator up to this point too.  
All of our other investigators were busy too.  It was Chinese New Year, kind of like America's Christmas, so people are vacationing, etc.  We spent most of our time just tracting and eating with members. That was probably the best part - we had time to draw closer to our members and share the gospel with them.
The highlight so far this week I think is hearing Chase got his mission call!!!!  I didn't know that it was coming so soon!!!  He still hasn't emailed me yet!!  Where is he going??? When is he leaving  Love that guy!!  The first thing I thought of is Alma 17:2-3, I can't wait till he comes back and we can rejoice together in serving the Lord. 
This week was a setback, but we're not losing hope, Next week will be better than ever and we are looking forward to getting back to normal missionary work.  
Scary to hear about Sara, I hope she's doing better.  The same thing happened to my companion before so I know how scary it can be.  I can't believe Sara has kidney stones. That makes two in our family!!
Love you Family and I'm so grateful for your help and support.  Its definitely an anchor and support when trials come in the mission. Your the best!!!!

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