Elder Matthew Gummow

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Power Week! New Temple Film!

Elder Gummow's letter came early Wednesday morning.  He had a successful "Power Week" and we were excited to hear about the miracles that come from hard work!

Dear Parents and Family!

Sorry to email you guys so late this week.  This week was our temple week and I told forgot to tell you guys about it last week.

This week so much happened though!  It was a hard week over here as well as a week of learning and growing.  Power week was fun, we had an extra 2-3 hours of proselyting time everyday which came to a lot of use.

This week mainly had two miracles that blew our minds.

The first, L.....  Wednesday it rained, all day and the weather was freezing cold since it's winter over here.  I was tired and wet from Power week and I just felt like sleeping that day not working.  We spent that entire day tracting though trying to make good use of the time we had.  But after 2-3 hours of it nothing happened.  Depressed and downhearted we were heading back to the Church to do some English Proselyting when my companion runs into a guy on the side of the road.  It's someone I recognized and haven't seen for a long time.  His name is L......, he's a guy Elder Ward and I found a while ago.  He was a miracle and I was sure he would get baptized.  However after meeting him for the first time he just disappeared, and he would never answer his phone.  When we met him we talked for awhile and he said that he had just been busy with work and school, but he had been reading and praying.  Also he had just recently dropped out of school for a period of time, so now he had time to meet with us!  We set up that Friday and he came and he listen super intently and now we're super excited to see his upcoming progress.

The second probably is our friend H.......  We met him on the side of the road awhile ago, and he's been coming to Church every week since.  He's the one with the problem with Joseph Smith.  This week his heart miraculously softened though and he told us that he's been wanting to listen and respect us better when we teach him and that he'll keep coming to Church even if school or work gets in the way.  He loves the atmosphere there and is so willing to be a part of it we just have to help him find faith.  I'm sure he'll get baptized just not sure if it will be while I'm here.

I got to see Jerome this week, only for a couple minutes though.  He dropped off the stuff for me and was so grateful for all you guys did for him, he loves our family!  Although he did say that Daniel was playing computer games the whole time...:( that guy :)  It was great to see him and so weird that he knows all of our family and our house and he slept in my room.  He said he loved it though and is going to try and come back next year, don't worry though I can take care of him this time.

Thanks again Mom for taking care of him and helping him out while he was in America.  Everyone in the mission knows how great our family is now.  Your a legend here in the mission mom.  So awesome to see Daniel's pictures, he looks tall and big now, and shuai. 

I put the pictures of the temple on dropbox, there's only a few this week sorry.  I'm going to some more pictures on next week, I just can't find my SD card right now.  Oh and we got to see the newest temple video this week.  They have it here in English, it's incredibly amazing and I can't stop thinking about it, it  put's a whole new perspective on everything and a whole new perspective on my mission which I love. You guys have to go see it ASAP.  

Love You Family!!!  I'm excited to hear how Josh is now that he's back, I feel like he's changed a ton. It'll be exciting to hear from you guys!!!!

Also Dad and Aimee I'll be praying for you guys for sure.  Love You guys so much and Dad Happy Birthday this week!!!!!

Elder Gummow

Oh and Elder Holland never came to our mission, I'm so jealous :(.....  Lucky for Sara though! we did have a conference this week but it was with the Presiding Bishop of the Church.  His testimony is powerful and had everyone in tears, he's a great man and his son is serving in this mission too, super crazy. 

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