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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jerome's Visit

I just dropped off one of Elder Gummow's recent converts at the airport.  He has been staying with our family for the past week and seeing many of the Utah sights with us as well as attending the wedding reception in Logan of one of the elders who taught him the gospel.  Even though it was a long drive for 5-10 minutes of visiting, the tears in his eyes made it all worth it!  These young men who sacrifice two years of their lives to bring the truth of the gospel and the plan of happiness into the lives of their converts will forever be close to their hearts!  We were grateful to have a glimpse of the world they are in and grateful for our dear friend Joanna from Taiwan who is living currently in Provo, who helped bridge the language barrier - since he doesn't speak English.  Here are a few pictures of our adventures and part of Elder Gummow's email response below:

Hello Family!!!

Wasai!  Your email was a great one, super good news from everyone and I couldn't stop laughing from looking at all the pictures of Jerome with you guys.  It's something I just never really connected before, You Guys and Jerome, like my two separate families and then you guys finally meet...it's so crazy.

How is Jerome?  Glad to hear about all the activities your taking him to and all the things you are doing to serve him.  I hope it's not too big of a burden to you guys, but I'm sure everything you do for him will impact him forever and help him to stay on the path of the Gospel. 

I'm just super glad that he could go to America and be with you guys and learn from your guys example how the Gospel can really bless him and his future life.  I'm sure it will be a huge help to his faith.  So really thank you guys so much.  Elder Gummow Family!

I'm so glad he was able to make it there safe and everything.  Things to send back with him....I'm actually all pretty good, zucchini brownies would always be nice and maybe some Cafe Rio :)  No, most of the stuff I need I can get it here, maybe Ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips! or Remembrandt Toothpaste, Thats actually what I need the most.  I'm almost out of it here.  More pictures of you guys would be awesome too. I always enjoy sharing family pictures with the missionaries and the people we meet here.   

Jerome's conversion story.  He was pretty cool, I can't remember ton's of it because I was just starting missionary work and I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying.  Basically he was a member referral from Sister Goldade's recent convert.  She brought him to Church and he loved it there and got along with us really well.  He just loved the atmosphere of Church, how it's like a big family.  His family situation is hard, and he hasn't really been in contact with his family for years I think.  (So I'm sure visiting you guys is like a dream come true for him)  

After he had a bunch of challenges and was always trying to decide if he should get baptized or not.  But one day he prayed to God if he should get baptized or not and then the next day in Church the lesson was on Baptism and to not hesitate or fear.  He knew it was a message from God and that day set a baptismal date with us.  From then on he was super solid and committed to being a member of this Church.  He's got really strong faith and full of love to everyone.  I remember when I was in zuoying he used to bring treat every week to English Class to hand out to us, and always helped me laugh when I was down about my missionary work or other things.

This week was far as missionary work goes, was pretty simple - good week but nothing amazing.  We're still looking for some people really willing to get baptized. Right now we have some good investigators but it seem that their progression will be slower than other.  So right now we're looking for a new Matthew or Jerome.  This week will be a good week for that since we are out the door 9:00 every day this week.  This week is POWER WEEK!  

Love You Family!  Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! Congratulations Dad on the new job, really great incredible news! 

Love You Family!

Elder Gummow

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