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Monday, February 10, 2014

An Explosion of Good Things!

Our home ward held a fast on Fast Sunday for all the full-time missionaries.  There are currently 19 serving in our ward and for the two missionaries in our family, it made a real difference!  The challenges that they were facing were overcome and the work was able to progress!  We are so grateful for all those who pray for the missionaries each week! 

Our family has the opportunity of hosting one of Elder Gummow's Converts from Taiwan this coming week!  We will get to celebrate his year mark for becoming a member (He was baptized on Valentine's day) with him. He is coming over for the wedding of one of Elder Gummow's companions who also taught him -who returned last August.  We are excited to meet him, but a little nervous because he doesn't speak much English and we don't speak much Chinese!  It may be a week of pantomiming!  Haha!

Hello Family!!

First I just want to say thank you for all your prayers and the fasting.  This week was really a lot better.  Like a million, million times difference, and I feel the Lord, despite our weaknesses as missionaries in hastening the work and strengthening the wards.  

This week was a little estranged at the beginning and was looking like it might be the same as last week, but we pulled out of it about Wednesday, the time Guonian was over.  (Probably is related).  

We were still looking a little downhearted on everything as our best investigator started work on Sundays and couldn't come to Church anymore and then our other investigators were looking not so good.  But it all came together this Saturday and Sunday - yesterday.  

It was like an explosion of good things that happened yesterday.  The ward had completely changed their attitude.  I'm not sure why and what happened, but they were completely different.  We have been working really hard on starting a new mission plan and some programs for this new year with the ward but they were have a little hard time catching on.  But I think with the baptism of M... and also having some other good investigators come to Church on Sunday, there was a new fire in each of them.  The Young Men's President stood up and bore testimony for us and for this work.  The First counselor started two new activities to help members fill our schedules, and the Bishop was super excited to be able to go with us to visit Less-Actives and he bore testimony of it.  The work is really hastening - it's incredible!!

So with that we are really excited for this plan to start going through and into action and hoping that we can continue to be worthy and diligent to allow the lord to be on our side in this work.  It's impossible with out his help in touching the hearts of others.

I'm so grateful for a great ward and great leaders and for how merciful and loving our Heavenly Father is. This week on Sunday we we're able to see M... again (he came back for school).  He bore his testimony in a Church activity and now has read up to the middle of Alma!!!!  He's getting the priesthood this next week and also going to a family history activity with the members.  He's so incredibly awesome!  The bishop asked him if he wanted to be a missionary in his interview for the priesthood and he said yes.  Also he's going to do missionary work a lot with us this next semester because he's is practically graduated and all of his classes are not super busy.  YES!!!

Also our best investigator decided to find another job, so he can come to Church on Sunday now!!!  He was with us almost all day yesterday and had a really good time in Church as all the members were super welcoming to him and are working to help him find a new job. Also, M.... our new RC is like his best friend.

This work is awesome, nothing to complain about.  I think that I shouldn't have complained so much last week.  That something I learned this week.  I was reading Exodus when I realized that I was exactly like the Children of Israel...God had shown them some of the most craziest things and biggest miracles and helped them defeat one of the strongest empires in the world, but once the blessings stopped and then they wanted FOOD, they instantly started complaining against the Lord.  Why Would They Do That??!!  Then why should I complain when the Lord has given me so many blessing I can't even contain it all.  I am so grateful for most of all for the Atonement too, the greatest blessing above all. 

This work is true! Love You Family!!!  I'm so excited for J.... to be visiting you guys! That will be so awesome!  He loves to laugh and takes things pretty lightly so I'm sure that he'll love you guys, especially when you try to communicate in English with him.  You could try drawing pictures or something, Oh and Mom and Daniel you can teach him guitar. He always wanted to learn Guitar but I never had time to teach him here.  He'll love it, and love you guys!  I can't believe you'll be spending his 1-year baptism anniversary with him, it's too perfect!  Man you'll guys will have so much fun with him I'm so excited for him to meet you guys!!!

Also if you guys run out of things to do, He'll love the trampoline and Bryanna and basketball and eating...pretty much anything.  Watch cartoons with Bry and Daniel whatever. Also I think a sister from our district when Jerome was baptized will be taking him to the wedding so no worries about that. 

Elder Gummow

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