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Monday, January 27, 2014

Guonian! 2014

Elder Gummow's Baptism worked out this week!  So happy for them!!  Its like finding a treasure and its a great way to end the Chinese Calendar year.  January 31st starts the Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the Horse and should prove to be an amazing year!Chinese New Year decorations

Hey Family!!!

This week was great! amazing! perfect!  A great end to this year...as far as the Chinese Calendar goes.  It went super well on the weekend with M.... getting baptized.  He was with us pretty much every day of this week and was super nervous, but super excited for his baptism as well.  The baptism was great...tons of people showed up and it was probably the smoothest baptismal service I've ever been in.  M.. shared his testimony afterward and it was awesome, he's had so many cool experiences and miracles from acting on his faith is crazy and he's so happy to be a new member.  He went with us to the Sun Moon Lake today and talked about how missionary work is so awesome, ("you can share a super happy message with everyone and get to know lots of new people")  This is what he said.  He wants to be a missionary and we're going to have him work with us a lot this week before he goes back for vacation.

This week as far as miracles.  I have to make it short because we don't have lots of time to email but,  Friday night we were heading back after a meeting and Elder Jiang said he wanted to pray.  Just really suddenly...  So we stopped and prayed, then continued on our way to go tracting.  The first house we knocked on lets us in.  We find out they are Christian (one of the families)  and the other isn't. There are two separate families in the house.  Elder Jiang introduces himself and after the one family shocked says...wow! we're named Jiang too.  What a coincidence!....Then after that the other family introduce themselves and she says...oh our family name is Wen....and Elder Jiang and I looked at each other and we're like...no way...my name is Wen too.  So it just happens that these two families' last names are the same as both of ours, and it just felt like such a coincidence (fate) that they set up a time next week that we could come back and visit them.  So Cool!!!

Also, today I am emailing late and don't have much time to email because we ended up going to a Lake for P-day.  We just got back and Elder Jiang and I still need to buy groceries and stuff.  It was a good p-day though, super relaxing....I have a bunch of Pictures and stuff that I want to send you guys but I left my camera in the Car we were driving...it'll have to wait till next week..  Love you family and thanks for all the help and support.  I got a letter this week from you guys.  So scary to read Josh's letters and think he only has a month-ish left.  

Love you family and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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