Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, January 13, 2014

Purification challenge

Elder Gummow had a great experience from following the Mission President's challenge this week.  Still learning and growing!!


Wow love the pictures!  Looks like a super cool place...I've heard from a bunch of people here that America is super cold right now.  Like colder than it's been in a long time.  It's been all over the news and stuff I guess.  How is the weather like in Utah right now?  Lots of snow and stuff.  Lately it's been really sunny and warm over here - like I can wear short sleeves pretty much all day :P

So this week was great! Its slow but the area is progressing.  I feel like we have so many awesome great investigators right now but they are just having different sort of challenges that we need to help them through before they can get baptized.

W.......: 24, super cute guy and loves us visiting him.  His problem is commandments.  His body is not very healthy so he has a hard time finding desire coming to Church.  He was originally going to be baptized at the end of this month.  But we had to change it back.

M......:  Visited with him this week, but only for a second.  He's going to finish test this week and then hopefully be back on track for everything!

W.......:  Super awesome and really really golden.  Comes to all the activities and always stays even after we leave.  Loves studying the Gospel.  His only problem is that he lives outside of our area.  He's just not willing to go to the other Church.

L........:  16 year old.  Dropped out of school.  He is pretty new and super cool. Lots of hard times in his life. His problem is he has to work on Sunday.

This week I think the miracle and lesson I learned is how important the spirit is in Missionary Work.  It's something I'm not sure I completely believed in before my mission.  Being able to be guided by the spirit, but it is so true.

This week the Mission President gave us a new challenge.  It's called the "Purification Process".  You can look it up - it comes from a missionary on his mission talking about an experience he had.  Basically it ends up that after dedicating himself fully to the Lord he is blessing with the guidance of the spirit.  President challenged us to find those things that were blocking us from the spirit by fasting and prayer and then decided to leave them behind for 40 days.  After that, there would be no desire to go back to them.

So we did and there were awesome experiences for it.  The spirit is so important in teaching.  We were teaching a less-active this week that told us that he decided he wanted to go to a different Church.  We didn't know what to say to him.  But felt it was necessary to talk about the feelings he had at baptism and the Holy Spirit.  Turns out he had a ton of experience with the spirit, which led to talking about the importance of the sacrament.  Turns out that none of the other Churches he was going to offer the sacrament, and this is something he wanted.  There is no way we could have known that if it wasn't for the spirit.

Anyways, the weeks are going by faster and faster and I need to be doing more. Time is too short.  Love you family and hope all is well.

Love You Family

Elder GUmmow"

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