Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, January 20, 2014

Awesome Week!

Elder Gummow has great news this week and continues to be happy and busy!

Happy New Year!!!

I feel like it's kind of just started - even though January is almost over, but I guess the "New Year" has just begun here in Taiwan.  Chinese New Years is coming up and you can feel it here.  People are happier, the kids are off of school and everyone is getting ready for the weeks off.  

The Chinese New Year is bringing some miracles too.  This week was topped of with an amazing miracle as M...,  our investigator before who was having problems finding time to meet with us etc.  He finished up his test this Wednesday and then he was more than willing to start meeting with us again.  So crazy - this Saturday we met with him for the first time in awhile and asked him if he was willing to set a new baptismal date.  He has to go back in February for Chinese New year, so was next week too soon?  No it wasn't. (We hadn't even started teaching him some of the commandments yet.)  But as soon as he made the goal, he was committed to it.  So Sunday we finished Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing with him and he was ready for the interview.  Zone Leaders (they're so awesome) came down right in time to do an interview before they could announce it in Church.  We're super excited!!  It's going to be Elder Jiang's first baptism on the mission and he really deserves it, he's such a motivated, determined missionary.

This week, that was really the highlight.  Otherwise we were running around like crazy, trying to work everything out as Elder Jiang had to leave for two days to do training.  Plus we went to the mission office on Wednesday for another meeting.  So we didn't actually get that much time doing missionary work together this week either.  I almost died Thursday night trying to keep everything going with a weird winter cold.  I feel a lot better now though.

So this week we're just a little nervous and excited for preparing for M....'s baptism.  I really hope he's ready and he has a strong testimony so that his baptism service goes well and he stays active for the rest of his life.  He's a great guy! lots of leadership qualities and charisma so I think he could be a great leader in this Church in the future.

But new move calls start next week! No big changes on our part, but it'll be a good new start for this new year.  I can't believe you got Sara's mission release date!!!  That's so crazy, I didn't think she would be going home so quick the time is way to short. and Josh too that's super crazy.  Best of all though was to hear about Chase (becoming an elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood), almost makes me cry.  I can't believe things have changed that much.  When is he planning on putting papers in, etc.  So awesome!

Love You Guys,

Elder Gummow 

Oh also crazy awesome news!!!!!!!  A family that I taught in the last area I was in, the son just got baptized!!!!!!  So excited for him!!! I love that family so much!!!!!!!!!

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