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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankful/ A visit from Elder Funk

 Here is a picture from the Taichung mission blog! I believe it was from last week when Elder Funk came to tour the mission and met with the Zones in Matt's area.  Elder Gummow had an exceptional week this week and is looking forward to another baptism this coming weekend.  :)


Wow this week was amazing and there is so much, so so much I can be grateful for.  I feel like God really picked us up and set up the holidays this week to bless us.  

This week I'll try and make it short, but there's a lot that happened. First off - starting the week was Elder Funk, a newer general seventy came to visit us, for a mission tour.  It was a great meeting; all about working with the Holy Ghost and working with the ward.  It's exciting being a missionary at this time because the works been really changing and progress all around this Hastening the Work of Salvation thing. I think it's something that Taiwan really needs too and his totally ready for.

When the General Authority came I had the really awesome opportunity of being one of the select few to interview with him.  It was a great experience too, the General Authorities are so completely in tune with the Spirit, it's crazy.  The interview was really short probably 5-10 minutes, but in that time - through the Spirit-he was able to totally assess my situation as a missionary and then tell me what I needed to hear.  Really grew my testimony that our leaders are inspired in this Church.

The next thing...probably was that following Thursday, THANKSGIVING -  We have been struggling trying to find investigators lately, but as we went out that day we talked to everyone in our path. It didn't seem that anyone we ran into was interested though.  We went back to have practice for our musical number in the Thanksgiving Activity.  "Count Your Many Blessings"  When we were practicing, we got a call from this random number.  As he answered he called me by name, turns out that he was someone that we had contacted earlier and left our number with him.  Probably the only person we left a number with.  He called us to say that he could come to Thanksgiving activity that night though.  Turns out he's super awesome and super interested in learning about the Church!

The next  thing was that even though we didn't have tons of time for proselyting this week, we still were able to have the best week ever and there was really good progression in our area.  We have a baptism next week too!!  There is a RC in our a ward that has a really cute son that is going to get baptized next week.  We went over to their house a couple times this week, it was a super fun experience too.  The Dad fed us his mom's soup, twice.  The first one had Chicken Heart and small snails in it, the second was pig's heart...which was actually pretty decent.  It was definitely an interesting experience.  It's all worth it in the end!

Well, love you family... I wish I had more pictures to send sorry.  I don't know if I'll be able to finish the essays this week - I hope that's okay.  I guess in the end it's all God's will anyway.  I got your letter this week Mom, November 30th perfect timing.  Loved the new CD! It is nice being able to listen to Christmas music again.  I love the new scripture chain thing too.  I'm just not sure how it works.  Am I supposed to fold it and put it with the tree or just read one a day?  

Thanks for all your support and love family.  I can really feel it even though I'm halfway around the world.  You guys are the best!

Elder Gummow"

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