Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas in Zhanhua

Here is a picture I found of a Christmas Tree somewhere in the central Taichung area. Elder Gummow seems to be enjoying the holidays in Taiwan this year.  Last year he was in the Gaoxiong area and loved it there, but was going through culture changes, having recently arrived.  We are looking forward to his Christmas call but are still working out times for sure.

"Hello Family!!!!

I got the Christmas Package!!!  Super excited to get it! Do I have to wait till Christmas to open all the wrapped packages??

This week was pretty decent, nothing's really special but it's great being a missionary during the holidays. There's so many good activities and even though we are halfway around the world the spirit of Christmas is the same.

This week the highlights:  M... (Our Investigator) is doing awesome, he said he's been praying ever night and he feels God is listening and answering his prayers.  He's says he already has Faith in Christ and when we talked about Baptism and Repentance, he's like..."sounds really awesome!".  

This week as well we had some cool new people including a person from mainland China!!!  His name is A... and he's a friend of M....'s - super cool guy.  He's here for a month and a half studying college and he's super excited and willing to hear about the Gospel.  

This week was fun too, one night we had too many appointments so we got to go on splits with the members in our ward.  I got to go with a newer member to the Church while Elder Ward and his member visited an investigators.  It was so cool and the members were SO happy to help out. 

This upcoming week we have our missionary activity, super excited I haven't seen some missionaries since the last activity and it'll be cool to catch up on missionary experiences.  Plus we get to eat at an all you can eat Steak House.

Love You Family!  Hope that Christmas preparations go well!!"

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