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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas - Move Call

Elder Gummow had move calls this week, but he was thrilled to be staying in his area for Christmas and with his same companion!  Here are some pictures of Zhanghua, the area where they are serving that I found.

This week was awesome, I have to keep the summary a little short though in order to save time to write the essays.

This week we had a huge miracle.  During English Proselyting, an Elder ran into this guy that was willing to come to Church.  He's in our area, and he came that night to English.  He is the most prepared person I have ever met.  Almost like God tapped him on the shoulder and told him it was time for him to get baptized.  He is on fire...for example his first time in coming to Church he stood up twice to give comments.  The first time was to say that he was here to understand God's truth, the second was to share the testimony he had after learning the truths that were taught.  After he heard the First Vision, he said it shocked him, and gave him a special power (Holy Ghost).

This week ended with a bang as we had tons of people coming to Church.  We invited people, they invited their friends and it seemed everyone that we committed to come to Church actually came, and they were all super willing to learn.  This was a good week for sure.

So we also had move call this week.  Elder W and I are staying together!!!!  I'm super pumped too, Elder W is super diligent and focused so we have really good unity in the work and I feel like we work at the top of our game together and balance each other out really well.  It'll be a blast having Christmas together - you can meet him!!!  

I love this area too, love the missionaries in the district, our investigators, our leaders, the ward.  This is going to be an awesome Christmas!! 

It's great to hear about the holidays back home and the snow and stuff.  People always ask me if I miss it, and to be honest, I do.  But being here serving it's definitely work the sacrifice and I'm willing to wait.  It's my last Christmas on a mission!!!

Oh also, this week we had a baptism!  There is an RC in our ward whose child got baptized this week. The whole family came!

We hope that the Mom will be next and that will complete the whole family!!!!

Love You Family!!!

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