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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Here is a picture of our Christmas Skype with Elder Gummow. (He has headphones in his ears because he is skyping from a computer in a convenience store).  His sister and brother in law were able to skype in - he called when we were talking to Sara - his sister serving a mission in Taipei, but it was against her rules to talk to him, so we had to finish up with her call before we could focus on his. (We had a few technical difficulties in getting the group skype to work, but it was great to talk to him!  He had a white Christmas (a baptism on Christmas Day).  He was amazed at all the growth and changes in his younger brother and sister.  He got to talk to his extended family since we skyped him from his grandparents house and he sounds happy and older somehow.  He mentioned a dropbox account with pictures, but he never sent us a link so we can't log into it.

Here is a picture of the "Merry Christmas" Banner many of you helped participate in!  He loved it!

Hello Family,

Hey sorry - this email will be a little shorter than normal.  I spent most of the time emailing today working on Dropbox.  It's still not perfect but it's super convenient and you guys can see most of the pictures I've taken on mission now!  Also you can load the ones you took on the new camera!

Crazy I feel like I woke up a little this week to how much different everything is now that a whole year has gone by on my mission.  This week numerous reminders happened.  First was the skype - Bryanna and Daniel's voices have completely changed! It's so crazy and Daniel is a guitar master now too.  What happened there?

This week I also had new comments on how much different I am from when I left for the MTC.  Physical Appearance wise at least.  the people that see the old pictures says that I'm too skinny now!  and that I look more tired!  Elder Jiang say that I look completely different from the picture I took before I left for the MTC.  It kind of scares me, but I guess that's what a mission does to you.

My trainee is awesome, so pumped for the work it's crazy.  He loves talking and bearing his testimony.  Overcoming obstacles and putting his whole heart into the work.  He's going to start leading the area a couple days next week, he's already ready for it.  I think he's going to have an awesome mission.

It's nice to have him around because it's a new motivation to be more obedient and more diligent.  Sometimes it's kind of over the top though and well...it's just funny.  I love this guy.

He's also my first Taiwanese Companion so I'm hoping that my Chinese will get better in this move call. Also I hope to be able to help his English.

Weeks are just blinking by now, I need to make some more goals for this next year. Time is too short and I've got to make the best of what's left.  I love the mormon message on not turning back this year, so good.


It was really good talking to you guys this Christmas.  I always love seeing the family again.  Although it was weird this time, I almost forgot Bryanna's name for a second and Daniel sounded like he was Uncle Greg or something.  Not meaning I don't think about you guys or anything, just mainly the changes were a lot.

It was a good Christmas though. That seventeen year old, he's so awesome, maybe the whole reason I came on a mission, to help him.  We never taught him at all, well once.  But he was in a different area so we had to give him over to the other Elders.  He is the most active member I've ever met though.

I'll tell you more about the progress of the area here next week though.  This week has been awesome having a new trainee - he brings miracles to the area.

Love You Guys,  Your the best Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Both Grandmas and Grandpas too..(I will send them thank you notes)!!  Bryanna and Daniel - jiayou!!  You guys are maturing so fast, just make sure to make time for the Gospel. It is definitely the most important knowledge in this world and if you want a sure testimony of it you have to work for it!

Elder Gummow

PS oh and most people call me wenzhanglao, or wenkaishui (warm water)  I actually have a lot of nicknames.

I got the letters too - and Grandma and Grandpa's emails - they were awesome!  Say "Thank you so much" to them!!!

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