Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, November 4, 2013

The New World

Elder Gummow had to keep his email short because of lack of time, but he seems happy and almost well (trying to get over a bad cough).  I wonder how many flat tires they go through in a week....

"This week was a great one! We don't have a lot of time today because Elder W's tire popped and we are behind time now- so I have to keep it a little short today.  

I think the main event this week that was really good is that in this one week I was able to meet almost all of the members especially the leaders of our ward.  Elder W had us set up with visits to the members so we were able to visit a large portion of the families in our ward.  This ward is amazing too! I never seen such a converted, active, and willing to serve ward as this.  The member's testimonies here are on fire and they are so willing to help and serve us and the Lord.

This week also we had a good time finding. This area has a lot of good people that were recently baptized, a lot of really good recent converts but as of now, we are focused on finding some more new good investigators.  We saw a lot of miracles through our efforts as well.  For example we were contacting home Sunday night when Elder W and I see this guy speed by us on a bicycle.  He was pretty buff and looked really athletic so Elder W and I speed up on our bikes to catch up with him and chat (Elder W is a wrestler). He was awesome too! Just really happy and had this glow about him.  Eventually, we told him about our activities and he was super excited to hear about our English Class and told us he'd come for sure.  The only down part is that he's out of our area.

I just got a letter from S, I wasn't able to go to the baptism last week because of meetings.  However, S ended up changing his baptism date to this Saturday November 8th, and said that I have to come.  So for sure we'll make it to his baptism this week.  He's soooo cool!

On the downside, I've had a bad cough for about 2 weeks now :(  But it should be getting better soon.

Well that's really the highlights I'll definitely update you guys on Elder Ward and the area next week.

Love You Family!!!!

Elder Gummow"

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