Elder Matthew Gummow

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Here is Elder Gummow's email!  I was thinking it was a bit short, but then I remembered he just emailed on Wednesday, so it has only been a few days since we heard from him.  We are grateful for his emails - whether they are long or short!

Hello! Family!

This week I still don't have pictures.  Sorry :( I asked for them last week expecting they'd come but they haven't yet, maybe soon though.  I totally forgot to bring a camera to the last two events so I don't have any pictures of my own to show off.  Sorry Mom.

This week was great, we hit our goal for finding new investigators which was probably most important and what we put most of our efforts into doing lately.  It's interesting looking back at how we found those investigators and where they came from, and thinking about why they were willing to meet with us.  One thing I found most interesting looking back was that it mostly all came from turning to God and relying on him.  I feel every time we prayed sincerely, and then worked until we felt we were too tired to keep working, that's when we were really rewarded.  

I was thinking about it last week and I think that's why I find contacting so fun and rewarding now is that my perspective of it has changed.  I really liked Elder Holland's talk about how there our people with arms hanging down that need lifting, broken hearts that need healing etc.  When I can keep perspective then it drives me with a huge purpose knowing how much a testimony of the Gospel can help them.

An example of this, one of the new investigators that came to Church this week...We met him outside a college and it was the shortest contact ever, just a quick couple of questions and then asked him if he could come to Church.  He quickly agreed too but he seemed really cold about it and from the quick response I thought that he was lying to us and wouldn't come.  (This happens a lot :))  But on Saturday he showed up, and then Sunday the following day he came to Church. The funny thing is that during all those times he played it really cool, not ever showing much.  But I feel like his life needs a lot right now and because of his trials he's going through he wants to come to Church to change his life.  When we shared with him he listened super intently and was really soaking it all up.

Also we met with this guitarist guy in a band and had a lesson with him.  He's pretty sweet and it was really easy to connect with him.  I've always wanted to help a guitarist get baptized.  His name is xxxx.

That was about it for this week. We're going to try and mix it up next week because the finding is taking a small toll on us.  Hopefully, we'll get some good progressing investigators this next week. 

Love You Family, 

Also I was thinking if there is other piano or guitar sheet music you have I would love to have it to learn on P-day's.

Love You Family,  Elder Gummow

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