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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sports and General Conference, Oct 13, 2013

We just returned from our fall break getaway to Arizona to visit family.  Elder Gummow had a great week and they were able to do some missionary work in different ways from the usual. The pictures are reposted from the mission blog.  So fun to see him!

"Dear Family,

 Hello this week, looks like your week was a sunny and happy as it was over here.  This week we had some great new activities and experiences as we had the Sport's Activity as well as the opportunity to watch GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! click here to listen to conference

General Conference was definitely the highlight of this week as we were able to see some investigators come that needed to hear the message of the conference as well as ourselves were able to gain needed revelation and hear the testimonies of the Apostles of our time.

I was so amazed hearing the Apostles and the Prophets speak this time as I realized that they really were the Apostles and Prophets of this dispensation.  As I look at them now I feel stunned as I realize how much there messages are like Pauls and Peter's of old but so focused to what we need as of now.  My favorites talks this conference; Elder Holland's, Elder Ballard's, and that guy that talked on exclamation points (Elder S. Gifford Nielson), they were all really good with focuses on member-missionary work! (Exclamation Point)  This was definitely the best conference ever!

The big sport event thing was awesome this week too.  It didn't feel much like normal missionary work, but it was really fun.  We had a investigator family come as well as a part-member family come and they both had good times I think.  The best was being able to play basketball and football with them.  No one here plays football, but they all love it.
Other than this I was also impressed at the effect the talks had on our investigators.  Our 2 most progressed investigators were able to come this week and see the Conference talks, and after the were so grateful to us for inviting them.  They kept saying over and over again how much it helped them and helped strengthen their faith in Christ.  

On the downside of the week I had a bad cold that came on after the Sport's Event.  It must've been from exercizing too much in too hot of weather or something.  Either way it was pretty stressful getting through the rest of the weeks activities and I was more than ever grateful for the time to rest in General Conference.  I was able to get healthy again really fast because of this too. 

This week was great and looking forward to using the things learned from conference in this following wee's events too.  Love You Family, so good to hear about the vacation last week! 

Elder Gummow"

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