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Monday, October 28, 2013

Move Call! Oct 27, 2013

Elder Gummow's prediction was correct!  He is in a new area now.  He writes it as "Zhanghua", but another spelling is "Changhua" so you can see it is very near Taichung.  Change and new growth in store for him.  This time last year he was arriving on the island. So much has happened since then!!

Move Call Day!!!!!

The move call came last week and it was decided, I'm going too, well I guess I'm already at ZHANGHUA!!!  It was a suprise for me since Zhanghua is literally the area next door to mine, pretty crazy.  There are even a lot of roads that are the same as in the area I was in before.  It's definitely a change of scenery and perspective, and I'm with a really awesome missionary Elder W from Tennessee.  He's super pumped for the work, has been here for 2 move calls already.  This area is really great too, I hear the ward is one of the best and it used to be the Zone Leader's area so it's been really well taken care of.  It's a lot of responsibility but I'm also very grateful for the opportunity. 

This last week was really sad though, I was not prepared to leave Zhongming, there was so many awesome things going on and so many people I grew to love there.  This morning we went and ate food with B, he passed his interview and is getting baptized this week.  He is an awesome awesome investigator though and I was so glad to teach him.  Hopefully I'll be able to go back and see him get baptized this week since the other Chapel is so close.  S also asked me if I could come back and see his baptism.  He is incredibly awesome too.

This week I'm super pumped to be in a new area, it looks like we're going to do a lot of new finding and building up in this week or two which I really love.  There is so much potential in this area and I want to find it.

Last Elder W, I'll send you a picture of him next week.  He's solid though - hard worker, good contacter. He is full of energy, a wrestler. His testimony is solid too, and he knows the bible super well for a 19-year old. 

Love you family, it was really good to hear from you this week, except that I'm super jealous about the Zucchini Brownie Donuts, can you send some in the mail for me? :)  I can't believe I hit my year mark on the island next week too, that's so crazy.  I feel like I haven't become where I need to be yet, and the time is winding down super fast, it's scary.  Last I am so happy Tyler's going on a mission!! That is so cool, I'm so pumped for him, I keep imagining him as a missionary and I think he would be super solid, people are going to love him and he will be able to grow so much.  Hope you have a happy halloween family.


 Here is a picture of his district in Zhongming!  He was sad to leave them all!

This is a drawing of Elder Gummow that was given to him by one of his investigators

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