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Monday, October 7, 2013

Making the world a better place - October 6, 2013

Elder Gummow had a chance this week to make the world a better place in more ways than one!  He loved serving and sharing the gospel and is looking forward to listening to General Conference which they will get to hear next weekend!

"Hello Family!!

Writing to you guys from the Taiwan Taichung mission, after a really satisfying week of actually really fun events.  This week we had a good change from the regular schedule, some service opportunities!  We got to pick up trash at a park with the members here for something called "Clean Up the World Day", something that 7-11 puts on every year.  

This week we had an awesome time! Lots of great things were able to happen and we got to meet and be with tons of amazing people.

This week, the best thing is that B..... set a baptismal date!!!  I don't know if you guys remember him at all. I haven't really talked about him lately.  But about a month and a half ago, this Mongolian guy that Elder K met on the street randomly showed at the Church one Friday afternoon, and ever since that he's been coming to Church, English class, and meeting with us.  He's the most pure guy I've ever met too.  Whenever we teach him the commandments he always responds by saying something like..."Yes, I know this is evil, or ya that is really bad," etc.  He is so happy to come to Church every week too because he says he loves the feeling there.  His date is now for the first week of November!

Then also this week was the miracle, B...DiXiong.  He was a new investigator that some other missionaries referred to us and it was our first time meeting with him.  We decided for this meeting that we'd follow our mission President's new invite which was to teach the whole first lesson in one sitting and give the baptismal invite. So we did.  And he loved it!  He understood everything perfectly about why we need a restoration, why Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon were important, etc.  And when we invited him to be baptized, he was super incredibly willing to set a date.

That was the highlight for this week, along with being able to do some service - which was a nice change from the normal schedule.  Looking forward to next week, we have General Conference plus a huge exercise activity that we get to go to. One of our investigators right now is one of Taichung's best runners for his age and he's planning on coming with us so we're super excited.

Thanks for the letter this week, I'm super excited for this upcoming week and being able to hear General Conference.  So jealous you guys got to see it already. 

Love You Family! Sorry I was going to send more pictures and a recording this week, but I forgot my stuff, I'll send them next week for sure though!

Elder Gummow"

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