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Monday, October 21, 2013

Hastening the Work Oct 20, 2013

Elder Gummow had another busy week full of meetings.  One of them he was asked to speak at - in Chinese of course and in front of the whole stake - a whole different level of giving talks!  He is looking forward to getting back to their usual schedule of missionary work this week before move calls!

"This week was a lot of meetings again, I feel like we haven't been able to get a ton of missionary work in lately because of all these meeting!  This week is the last week of our move call though and we're looking forward to no meetings this week so we can do some real finding and build up our area really well before this move call ends.  There hasn't been any real decision yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be moving this week.  I have been in this area for about 6 months now so I think that the time has come, we'll see this Saturday for sure though.

This week as far as special meeting, we had Elder Holland and Elder Hale speaks to us in stake conference. They gave a special broadcast to the people of Asia about "Hastening the Work" which has been a huge emphasis here lately.  Huge, - like Saturday night we also had a stake adults meeting, and then this Wednesday they asked me if I could give a talk in it.  I'm not really sure why, just somehow fate fell on me and I was one of the 2 missionaries in our stake that got to give a talk on members and missionary work.   It was definitely an interesting and good learning experience.  Using Chinese to give a talk is a different experience for sure - but, got through it and I just hope that what I said was able to be understood and that the members understand better how much we want to help and serve them.  I was really nervous to talk though.

All's good in Zhongming as usual though.  Today, for our P-Day we are going to go play basketball in our stake center. I haven't played basketball in like 6 months  - it's crazy!  I need to take more pictures too...sorry family. I'll try and get some from Elder B - he has some good ones. I'm so sorry I totally forgot to bring the recording today. I brought it last time but our computer ran out of time and I wasn't able to put it in.  I really feel bad...just know it will come next week for sure, plus a lot of pictures.

Good to hear from you this week family.  This week a thing I think I learned is that I really need to add fuel to my work as they say.  I feel like I've got pretty comfortable here and that there is lots that I need to improve on still.  This week will be an opportunity to do so for sure.  Thank you so much for all your support and help family, your the best!!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Elder Gummow"

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