Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, October 28, 2013

Move Call! Oct 27, 2013

Elder Gummow's prediction was correct!  He is in a new area now.  He writes it as "Zhanghua", but another spelling is "Changhua" so you can see it is very near Taichung.  Change and new growth in store for him.  This time last year he was arriving on the island. So much has happened since then!!

Move Call Day!!!!!

The move call came last week and it was decided, I'm going too, well I guess I'm already at ZHANGHUA!!!  It was a suprise for me since Zhanghua is literally the area next door to mine, pretty crazy.  There are even a lot of roads that are the same as in the area I was in before.  It's definitely a change of scenery and perspective, and I'm with a really awesome missionary Elder W from Tennessee.  He's super pumped for the work, has been here for 2 move calls already.  This area is really great too, I hear the ward is one of the best and it used to be the Zone Leader's area so it's been really well taken care of.  It's a lot of responsibility but I'm also very grateful for the opportunity. 

This last week was really sad though, I was not prepared to leave Zhongming, there was so many awesome things going on and so many people I grew to love there.  This morning we went and ate food with B, he passed his interview and is getting baptized this week.  He is an awesome awesome investigator though and I was so glad to teach him.  Hopefully I'll be able to go back and see him get baptized this week since the other Chapel is so close.  S also asked me if I could come back and see his baptism.  He is incredibly awesome too.

This week I'm super pumped to be in a new area, it looks like we're going to do a lot of new finding and building up in this week or two which I really love.  There is so much potential in this area and I want to find it.

Last Elder W, I'll send you a picture of him next week.  He's solid though - hard worker, good contacter. He is full of energy, a wrestler. His testimony is solid too, and he knows the bible super well for a 19-year old. 

Love you family, it was really good to hear from you this week, except that I'm super jealous about the Zucchini Brownie Donuts, can you send some in the mail for me? :)  I can't believe I hit my year mark on the island next week too, that's so crazy.  I feel like I haven't become where I need to be yet, and the time is winding down super fast, it's scary.  Last I am so happy Tyler's going on a mission!! That is so cool, I'm so pumped for him, I keep imagining him as a missionary and I think he would be super solid, people are going to love him and he will be able to grow so much.  Hope you have a happy halloween family.


 Here is a picture of his district in Zhongming!  He was sad to leave them all!

This is a drawing of Elder Gummow that was given to him by one of his investigators

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hastening the Work Oct 20, 2013

Elder Gummow had another busy week full of meetings.  One of them he was asked to speak at - in Chinese of course and in front of the whole stake - a whole different level of giving talks!  He is looking forward to getting back to their usual schedule of missionary work this week before move calls!

"This week was a lot of meetings again, I feel like we haven't been able to get a ton of missionary work in lately because of all these meeting!  This week is the last week of our move call though and we're looking forward to no meetings this week so we can do some real finding and build up our area really well before this move call ends.  There hasn't been any real decision yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be moving this week.  I have been in this area for about 6 months now so I think that the time has come, we'll see this Saturday for sure though.

This week as far as special meeting, we had Elder Holland and Elder Hale speaks to us in stake conference. They gave a special broadcast to the people of Asia about "Hastening the Work" which has been a huge emphasis here lately.  Huge, - like Saturday night we also had a stake adults meeting, and then this Wednesday they asked me if I could give a talk in it.  I'm not really sure why, just somehow fate fell on me and I was one of the 2 missionaries in our stake that got to give a talk on members and missionary work.   It was definitely an interesting and good learning experience.  Using Chinese to give a talk is a different experience for sure - but, got through it and I just hope that what I said was able to be understood and that the members understand better how much we want to help and serve them.  I was really nervous to talk though.

All's good in Zhongming as usual though.  Today, for our P-Day we are going to go play basketball in our stake center. I haven't played basketball in like 6 months  - it's crazy!  I need to take more pictures too...sorry family. I'll try and get some from Elder B - he has some good ones. I'm so sorry I totally forgot to bring the recording today. I brought it last time but our computer ran out of time and I wasn't able to put it in.  I really feel bad...just know it will come next week for sure, plus a lot of pictures.

Good to hear from you this week family.  This week a thing I think I learned is that I really need to add fuel to my work as they say.  I feel like I've got pretty comfortable here and that there is lots that I need to improve on still.  This week will be an opportunity to do so for sure.  Thank you so much for all your support and help family, your the best!!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Elder Gummow"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sports and General Conference, Oct 13, 2013

We just returned from our fall break getaway to Arizona to visit family.  Elder Gummow had a great week and they were able to do some missionary work in different ways from the usual. The pictures are reposted from the mission blog.  So fun to see him!

"Dear Family,

 Hello this week, looks like your week was a sunny and happy as it was over here.  This week we had some great new activities and experiences as we had the Sport's Activity as well as the opportunity to watch GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! click here to listen to conference

General Conference was definitely the highlight of this week as we were able to see some investigators come that needed to hear the message of the conference as well as ourselves were able to gain needed revelation and hear the testimonies of the Apostles of our time.

I was so amazed hearing the Apostles and the Prophets speak this time as I realized that they really were the Apostles and Prophets of this dispensation.  As I look at them now I feel stunned as I realize how much there messages are like Pauls and Peter's of old but so focused to what we need as of now.  My favorites talks this conference; Elder Holland's, Elder Ballard's, and that guy that talked on exclamation points (Elder S. Gifford Nielson), they were all really good with focuses on member-missionary work! (Exclamation Point)  This was definitely the best conference ever!

The big sport event thing was awesome this week too.  It didn't feel much like normal missionary work, but it was really fun.  We had a investigator family come as well as a part-member family come and they both had good times I think.  The best was being able to play basketball and football with them.  No one here plays football, but they all love it.
Other than this I was also impressed at the effect the talks had on our investigators.  Our 2 most progressed investigators were able to come this week and see the Conference talks, and after the were so grateful to us for inviting them.  They kept saying over and over again how much it helped them and helped strengthen their faith in Christ.  

On the downside of the week I had a bad cold that came on after the Sport's Event.  It must've been from exercizing too much in too hot of weather or something.  Either way it was pretty stressful getting through the rest of the weeks activities and I was more than ever grateful for the time to rest in General Conference.  I was able to get healthy again really fast because of this too. 

This week was great and looking forward to using the things learned from conference in this following wee's events too.  Love You Family, so good to hear about the vacation last week! 

Elder Gummow"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Making the world a better place - October 6, 2013

Elder Gummow had a chance this week to make the world a better place in more ways than one!  He loved serving and sharing the gospel and is looking forward to listening to General Conference which they will get to hear next weekend!

"Hello Family!!

Writing to you guys from the Taiwan Taichung mission, after a really satisfying week of actually really fun events.  This week we had a good change from the regular schedule, some service opportunities!  We got to pick up trash at a park with the members here for something called "Clean Up the World Day", something that 7-11 puts on every year.  

This week we had an awesome time! Lots of great things were able to happen and we got to meet and be with tons of amazing people.

This week, the best thing is that B..... set a baptismal date!!!  I don't know if you guys remember him at all. I haven't really talked about him lately.  But about a month and a half ago, this Mongolian guy that Elder K met on the street randomly showed at the Church one Friday afternoon, and ever since that he's been coming to Church, English class, and meeting with us.  He's the most pure guy I've ever met too.  Whenever we teach him the commandments he always responds by saying something like..."Yes, I know this is evil, or ya that is really bad," etc.  He is so happy to come to Church every week too because he says he loves the feeling there.  His date is now for the first week of November!

Then also this week was the miracle, B...DiXiong.  He was a new investigator that some other missionaries referred to us and it was our first time meeting with him.  We decided for this meeting that we'd follow our mission President's new invite which was to teach the whole first lesson in one sitting and give the baptismal invite. So we did.  And he loved it!  He understood everything perfectly about why we need a restoration, why Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon were important, etc.  And when we invited him to be baptized, he was super incredibly willing to set a date.

That was the highlight for this week, along with being able to do some service - which was a nice change from the normal schedule.  Looking forward to next week, we have General Conference plus a huge exercise activity that we get to go to. One of our investigators right now is one of Taichung's best runners for his age and he's planning on coming with us so we're super excited.

Thanks for the letter this week, I'm super excited for this upcoming week and being able to hear General Conference.  So jealous you guys got to see it already. 

Love You Family! Sorry I was going to send more pictures and a recording this week, but I forgot my stuff, I'll send them next week for sure though!

Elder Gummow"