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Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprise "Move call" - Staying in Zhongming! Sept 16, 2013

Looks like Zhongming gets Elder Gummow for at least another 6 weeks!  He loves it and is super happy to stay there!  His new companion is from home - about 2 miles away and he is excited to serve with him!  Here is a picture of his Zone prior to the move call  - reposted from the Mission Blog.

The move Call...

So last week was the move call and I have been here for 4ish months now so I was expecting to leave the area this week. All the other missionaries in the area were expecting it too.  I even started telling everyone I would be leaving.  I don't know what happened though. Move call came on Saturday night and it turns out Elder K is moving and I'll be staying in Zhongming for another move call!  Even better, I got a new companion who - I didn't realize it at first but - I've met before!  Turns out we were in the same Chinese class together three years ago.  Really a small world, well kind of (I feel like about half the missionaries out here are from Lone Peak) it's pretty awesome!  Elder Bean is my new companion's name and his family lives like 10 minutes from our house.  Also he know Sierra Kapp and Taylor Airmet from our ward.  Crazy! 

This week we also cool had exchanges with our Zone Leaders and turns out he was going to be assistant the next day.

I felt a little relieved this week. We finally have found some really good investigators for the future.  We had a really tough week - a few lessons and a lot of contacting,  but it was still fulfilling and fun.  We were spending most of the time we had trying to find new people but at the end of the week we had two new investigators come that we had met during that week, and they were all amazingly prepared people.  So looking towards this next move call, I'm pretty excited.  One guy's name is J... and the other is L...... - both single aged kids and really awesome nice people.

One thing broke my heart this week - one of the members that we baptized mostly recently hasn't been wanting to come to church lately or meet with us.  He just lost his job and has been having a hard time finding a new one and I think that has effected his faith.  It hurts a lot that he's not really willing to meet or talk with us.  I think it'll just be a small stage though.  Luckily, while we were emailing today we met him in the same emailing place and he's doing better, at least it seems so.  He still hasn't found work but he was okay talking with us and getting to know Elder B better.  I love him so much and I want to know how to bring him better in to wanting to come to Church.

Good times recently! Looking forward to more time in Zhongming! I really feel like this area and I have a destiny together and I might be here even longer .... we'll see.  I'm glad to be here though and I'm really excited for this new time with Elder B and I together.

Love You Family! Those pictures kind of freaked me out today.  I can't believe how much Daniel and Bryanna have grown and it's been such a short period of time.  I feel like Daniel is taller than me now, is he? Either way you guys are all beautiful,, and handsome (or "Shuai" as they say it in Taiwan). 

Love you and hope all is going well.

Love Elder Gummow

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