Elder Matthew Gummow

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Power to change - Sept 4, 2013

 "I have long believed that the 
study of the doctrines of the gospel
will improve behavior quicker
 than talking about behavior
 will improve behavior."

 - Boyd K Packer

We just received Elder Gummow's email (It is Wednesday instead of the usual Sunday Night) and were happy he was able to go to the temple this week!  He has a great example of the power of studying the scriptures!  


Sorry to email late this week, we didn't forget about it, it's just that we had another Temple Day to make up for the last one (typhoon) soo we had our emailing time changed to today.  This last week was great and lots of great things happened.  

First off, this last week was filled with rain, lot of it, and lot more of it.  Actually from Wednesday on it rained everyday all day.  I guess it's rainy season in Taiwan though.  Despite the rain, I felt myself enjoying missionary work a lot - especially near the end of the week.  A lot of our investigators have kind of dropped off so now we're looking at teaching some of the better progressing as well as finding new good ones.   So the last couple of days a large part of it has been spent trying to find new investigators. Monday night we spent the whole night tracting.  

Getting the opportunity to really work hard and dedicate myself more to the work has been really nice and I feel like it's helping convert me better to the work and to the Lord. 

This week also had an incredible miracle in the midst of it.  One of the Recent Converts we have has been having problems with coming to Church because he had problems with a member there.  After weeks of trying to work with him, it seemed that he was only getting worse and that he might be becoming Less-Active already.  Actually, the last time we visited, I told Elder K.... we probably couldn't come over anymore because we had tried a lot to help him and he wasn't changing and it was taking a lot of our time.  The miracle happened on Friday night when we were at Church attending a baptism. Our recent convert called us up and was happy, incredibly happy and started talking about how he started reading the Doctrine and Covenants, and while he was reading it, he felt like the words were speaking right to him and that God's power was in the word.  From there it was a complete 360 degree turn around and he started praying again with us and committed to coming to Church this next weekend.  I was so amazed at that experience and how the scriptures can be such an incredibly powerful tool in converting someone, even to the point of turning them from completely apostasy to believing in God again.

That was about it for this week, lots of rain otherwise.  Plus L........ came to Church again so he's looking good for baptism for this month, we just want to make sure he's sincerely converted when he gets baptized and that his Mom is behind him.  We're planning on meeting with him this Saturday and bringing a good leader from our ward.

That's about all I can write this week time is short because of the temple. 

Love you family, hope this week goes well! Write more to you guys in a couple days.

Elder Gummow

PS. Oh and that's so crazy seeing pictures of your foot and Kaz & Nick in my room! Thanks for the pictures!

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