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Monday, September 23, 2013

Miracle Bringer - Sept 23, 2013

Elder Gummow didn't even mention the Super Typhoon that hit Taiwan this weekend.  Apparently the Highland winds of home have prepared him to go through crazy weather without missing a beat!  Here are a few pictures he sent this week of their temple trip a couple of weeks ago to Taipei.  This must have been their district at the time before this last move call.
Family Family Hello!

This week was crazy awesome, I have to be honest.  Elder B is definitely a miracle-bringer.  This week the miracles tripled maybe even quadrupled and I'm not sure I'll be able to write them all down. 

First off, the not miracle part, but turns out Elder B and I knew each other more than we knew in high school.  We saw each other a lot in High School we just didn't know it.  For example, after taking his pictures out to show his family to investigator, I realized that I had seen his sister before and that we took the same bus in high school, and so did he on Friday's I just never noticed before.  So Elder B lives close to us and knows a lot of the same people I did in high school.  Pretty cool.  He also read that blog that you guys made before coming out here and he knew all these weird things about me.

So for the miracles, just starting out on Monday  right after we got out the door we run into this awesome kid, his name is xxxx, and his English is perfect.  After talking a little we found out that he's Christian and already understood the whole first vision from studying our Church.  He knew about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, etc.  Through talking he asked us some really good questions, like why is the Book of Mormon important?  and I'm not sure I can really believe that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ?  Which are just the question we'd like to hear from an investigator.  It was like being back in training in the MTC and you have those fake investigators that ask you taboo questions.  Like too good to be real.  I thought for a second that he could be some set up by the goverment or something....But after Elder B beautifully explaining somethings to him and testifying his doubt kind of changed to a wow this is cool, and okay I'll try this and he was totally willing to read and meet up with us to talk about it.  

Second miracle, was xxx, an investigator we picked up a while ago.  He finally was back in town this week and we met up with him.  We had lessons back to back that night though, and he came late so while we were teaching I had to leave for a second to say hi to the other investigator.  When I got back, I was a little surprised... the picture of Christ getting baptized was on the table and Elder B was saying the words, "are you willing to be baptized?"  I was gone for like thirty seconds but somehow the whole lesson was changed!  Turns out the miracle was though that this guy, xxx, was totally prepared and when we set a date with him is was like "Yes I really want to set a date, I'm super willing." 

Last off was like several miracles on Sunday.  I was a little down because we had 8 or so people confirmed for Church this week and right before Church started, no one was there.  I sat down in the Chapel really discouraged and just wondering what I should've done to help them come and what I could've done better, but as the sacrament came by I hear a guy nearby say to me "Zhanglao"  or "Elder" in English.  I look up and see that one of the Less-Actives we had found a couple weeks ago was there for the first time passing the sacrament, dressed up in a white shirt and tie.  And I mean there's nothing better than that, it was so great to see this man, who was so prepared to come back, and that we were able to help him have the courage to come.

Then along with no investigators coming this week we were sitting in the 2nd hour of Church,  when a good member friend motions for us to come out and talk with him.  We walk out and there are these two kids, twins, teenage boys.  We talk for a second and turns out they recently ran into the sister missionaries nearby and had come by themselves to the Church meeting.  So we invite them and in are they are really prepared and willing.  In all my missionary experience I've never seen this happen.  

So I'm running out of time, but it was great to hear from you guys this week, Mom glad that you are going to meet Elder B's family - they seem really really cool.  Tell them Elder B is a really good missionary and that he has a lot of faith.  I'm going to try and pull out some money today for the glasses, also I had to replace my bike tire this week so that's going to cost a little.  

Also today we're going to IKEA!  They just opened one in Taichung!  We're going to have lunch with the district I'm pretty excited.  Send you guys pictures next week.

Love you family!

Elder Gummow

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