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Monday, September 30, 2013

Cool Tie - September 30, 2013

Elder Gummow is doing well and is happy!  He sent us a picture of he and his new companion (also from Highland).  I was privileged to meet his mom and little brother last week!  I noticed Elder Gummow's new tie and asked him about it.  He said "Sister Gummow", his sister in the Taipei Mission, sent it to him. She said in her email that she got a letter from him this week.  I love that they are sharing and enjoying each other through this mission experience!


Thanks for the letter this week! It was really good and I'm glad to hear all that happened this week - especially with missionary work.  Missionary Work is the best!

This week was awesome! I feel like I learned so much!  Met some of the best members ever, ran into someone just like Kaz Kano on the street, and also met the cutest old guy I've ever seen. 

This week was filled with lots of good things and activities.  I think I would have to say something I learned this week was that Missionary Work is not necessarily all about working really hard, and that maybe it's a little more about about being focused continually on the Savior and sharing the beauty of the Gospel. 

This week as far as miracles, we had some interesting ones this week.  First off was Tuesday - as we were traveling and contacting and we ran into an investigator that we had been trying to get in contact with forever and he was completely willing to meet said he was out of town and just got back so hadn't been able to get in contact with us yet.  We ate Dinner together that day though and he accepted a baptismal goal!  Right now his biggest problem is that he might have family protest so we are going to try and work on that next week.

Also this week we went to one of our secondary area's last week to visit some less active members.  One guy we met was really really happy to see us.  An older man who's son and daughter are both members.  He let us sit down with him and get to know his family.  He starts telling us stories about his daughter and son and how they joined the Church.  Then the daughter, who lives in another place, calls us and says that she wants to visit (not knowing we were there).  So we got to have a lesson with her and her father together and her father is really awesome.

Last cool experience was  -  I met the Taiwanese version of the Canterbury Band we had and got to jam for a second with them.  There was a guy just like Josh (just starting to learn ukulele) and then his friend, Kent, who was so much like Kaz it freaked me out a little.  They played a couple songs for a us. It was just about the same kind of stuff we used to play.  Pretty freaky experience.

Love you family!  Conference next week for you guys!!  I'm a little jealous! I'm really excited for conference this time! It's like Christmas on your mission.  I'm excited to hear what new announcements they make this time. 

Also Moon Festival was two weeks ago.  Nothing special happened during it though, just lots of people having barbeques.  We went to IKEA last week too and it was really good. - bought a ton of American food (Chocolate Cookies, Hot Dogs, Cinnamon Rolls).  Man, I missed Cinnamon Rolls a lot! They are super good!!

Love, Elder Gummow"

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