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Monday, August 26, 2013

Finding - August 26, 2013

 Great week for Matt!  Lots of up and downs, but still progressing:

"Dear Family!

This week, as far as area progression went, was a really good one!  We have been struggling lately trying to find new, good investigators that are willing to progress, but we're incredibly grateful that this week went really well in finding 10 new people - the highest number of new people we've found in a week since I've been on my mission!  This week we felt incredibly blessed coming out of it with so many new investigators, including a new family and a Mongolian man.

The family is super awesome and we met them for the first time Saturday night.  The boys are twins but not identical, actually they are like complete opposites.  They feel really prepared though.  Also the Mongolian, he's the coolest guy ever and just kind of randomly showed up to Church on Friday afternoon so we rushed over there to meet him.  He doesn't speak Chinese at all and his English is still in the process.  But he came to Church that Sunday and he loves the feeling and peacefulness about it all so we're really hopefully for him.

This week on the not so good side was that we had a "week A" drop out, L.....  Meaning L...... was supposed to get baptized this week but because he didn't come to Church, he can't.  We're still not very aware of what happened, but we confirmed him coming  3-4 times this week and then went to pick them up at their house on Sunday afternoon.  However we were incredibly surprised when they weren't home and weren't answering their phone.  After waiting for a half hour we were finally able to get a hold of him over the phone.  Turns out his Mom (who knew he was coming to church) took him to the mountains for a hike during the time Church was.  We're still not really sure why or how it happened, but we're going to try and work with him and his Mom this week.  Make sure that the Mother doesn't have other concerns towards her son getting baptized.

Also one of our Recent Converts, G......., had troubles with one of his friends at Church and since then he hasn't been willing to come back to Church.  We've met him twice since then and talked about it and the principle of Forgiveness, etc.  But he's still not willing to come back, we're not really sure what to do, but we still have lot of faith in helping him.

The Chinese is going well, I learned to not care too much about my accent, especially since a lot of people will say that it's really Foreign-sounding and others will say it's very American.  Most of my study time lately has been on reading the Book of Mormon.  Chinese has such a large character system -it is incredible, but I found lately that I can read and understand a good part of the Book of Mormon - which is really nice.  It feels really cool to be able to actually understand what was just scribbles before.

That was about it for this week. It was a little shorter time period since the last time I wrote.  Exciting to hear about Kaz's homecoming talk!  Kind of wished I was there to see it and see how much he has grown/changed.  Does he have a copy of his talk or was it all just on the spot?

Mom, I'm sorry to hear about your leg.  I hope it heals fast and that's it's not anything as severe as an Achilles Tendon breaking.  I also hope that it gives you more time to study Chinese though :)  Praying for you.

Thanks for the wonderful update this week family, love hearing from you guys.

Elder Gummow"

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