Elder Matthew Gummow

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Typhoon the 2nd, August 20,2013

Elder Gummow's email came late this week, but we were happy to hear from him today even though his original plans were changed because of Typhoon Fanapi!  We were happy to hear from him!


"Sorry I never told you guys last week but ya this week was temple day.  The normal plan was that we were supposed to go there at 6.00 this morning, but yesterday they canceled the trip because of a typhoon. (The temple closes on typhoon days)  So right now it's raining like crazy outside, the typhoon has arrived, luckily it's just like normal rain down here in the middle of Taiwan   This typhoon is supposed to be smaller than normal and plus it's mainly hitting the north part of Taiwan.

This was a great week last week as well.  The highlight of which being a really good baptismal service.  Colin was baptized this week a long with another investigator the Elders were teaching.  It was a great service and went incredibly smoothly, with a nice celebration afterward, a great way for C... to start his membership in the Church.  

C.... is probably one of the most prepared people I've ever met,and he's filled with love for others.  Really has a desire to serve and help other people.  He's had a lot of difficulties in the past, and the Gospel, especially prayer has helped provide comfort to him in times of need.

So crazy to see Kaz's coming home pictures! I can't believe he's back at his home now.  It just doesn't make sense in my head.  Looking at him being back and changed so much is really inspiring though.  Kaz really does look like he's a grown man now.

Other things that happened this week:  we've finally been able to pick up some really cool new investigators.  One of which has a member friend in Taipei that is in a popular acapella group called "Silence".  When he was a kid, he attended his friend's baptismal service which created a lasting impression in his mind.  Pretty crazy miracle!

Also something that happened this week; we were meeting with L...., a 14 year old part member family.  He just passed his baptismal interview and now his mom is kind of scared that he is going to join Church for fun and games and not because he is committed to keeping the commandments.  So were are going to have to keep working with him and help him understand the commitment of baptism better.

That was about it for last weeks events. We're really looking forward to this coming week and all that is going to happen.  Plus this long awaited P-day is nice.  We're going to try and watch "17 Miracles" today. 

Love You family, so great to hear from you this week.  Good Luck this next one too, the kids should be starting school this week right?  Jiayou

Elder Gummow

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