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Monday, August 5, 2013

Move Calls! August 5, 2013

It was an exciting week for Elder Gummow!  33  new missionaries entered his mission and he was able to assist in their first week in Taiwan and the famous "Dan Jones" experience in the night market. There is a youtube link to the video they do for the families and friends of the new missionaries.  Matt is in the last part as he welcomes in the New Mission President and his wife with flowers.  Here is the link if you want to check it out:   Dan Jones moment in the night market

 He also has the privilege of being with his trainer for a few days before his trainer heads home to Idaho.  It was a short email this week but power packed!

"Dear Family,
Good to hear from you guys this week!  This week was quite an eventful one for us.  First off this was the end of the move call so we had 33 new missionaries, come in.  Two that are from the same Chinese class we (Sara and I) were in in high school.  Because we live really close to the Mission Office, Elder K.... and I got to take the new missionaries around "Dan Jones Night".  I got one of the most inspiring missionaries ever, his first day in and first time contacting and he was getting people's numbers and adding people for Church right from the start!  What a great example of strong faith. 

This week was also a good one as far as getting new investigators progressing and becoming more involved in Church.  We had our English Party and a Family Home Evening for the singles ward in which we were happy to see many new investigators come and have really fun experiences with the ward members and organizations of the Church.  We're also looking forward to another FHE activity tonight, in which many investigators should be attending.

The last thing is Elder B... is my companion again, at least for a couple days until he goes home. We are in a tripod for a few days. You're right - time flies!  I feel like he was just barely my trainer in Zuoying (Gaoxiong) and now were back together doing missionary work.  It was sad to see him put his bike away for the last time and packing up his stuff.  So many missionaries are leaving tomorrow it's so sad, My trainer, Elder A, my other companion Elder M.  Such great missionaries and they offered such great service and dedication to the Lord these last 2 years!  So crazy to hear about Kaz too! It seems not long ago at all that he left for Japan and now he's back in like two weeks right?  Man that is sooo crazy!

Love You Family,  Your the Best!

Elder Gummow"

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