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Monday, August 12, 2013

Halfway - August 13, 2013

Elder Gummow got to say "good-bye for now" to a some awesome missionaries who headed home last week, his trainer and a fellow missionary from his hometown area.  Hopefully he will see them again in a year or so.  He had a good week and is surviving the heat!  It was one year ago that he dove into a pool that was not as deep as he thought on our last family vacation just days before his farewell and scraped up is mouth and chin.  Miraculously, the wounds that normally would have taken weeks to scab over and heal took just days and the scab was off in time for him to give his farewell talk. The miracles continue!

"Hello Family!!!

Thanks so much for the letters this week and the other things.  I got the year mark letter and it was great, I loved the camel analogy and the letters from you guys and especially Kaz's last letters.  So awesome that he was able to go home with a baptism. I really can't believe that's it's been a year since I was getting ready to go to the MTC! It goes by so fast here.

Thanks also for the Language tips and helping me out Mom.  I guess sometimes I set my expectations really high for language ability and that I should be looking more at how much I've been blessed with the language. 

This week was a great one! Lots of big changes and new things happening, plus our investigator passed his baptismal interview last week so that was really cool.  It's C...., I think I've talked about him before.  He's a super active investigator and comes to the Church about everyday - helps us teach investigators all the time.  I'll tell you more about him next week after the baptism  

The Mission President changed some big things this week.  One is that we don't have follow-ups at night anymore.  Follow-ups was that I would call every companionship of the district, every night to follow-up on how their missionary work was going.  Now that's all done away with, so I have a lot more time at night to do missionary work, write in journal, etc.  It's really nice.

This week we had a lot of good things happen.  Good is that we found a lot of new LA's to work with and they're all really good and really willing to come to Church and participate.  We also had some new investigators come to Church this week and a couple investigators that are progressing really well and gaining stronger and stronger testimonies. 

Something I realized this week was how much a mission is about personal growth and progress as well as helping other people.  I feel like the mission experience might be more for the missionary than it is for the investigator.  Usually prepared people are prepared and you do all you can to help them but ultimately it comes down to the Spirit converting them above all other things.  The great part is that we, as missionaries have a chance to be apart of it, to convert ourselves more to the Lord, to see many miracles, and to share a message of peace.  It's pretty awesome.

Thanks again for the letter this week.  Love you Mother and Family, you guys really are the best.

Love, Elder Gummow

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