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Monday, July 15, 2013

Typhoon.....July 15, 2013

Yesterday we had the opportunity of attending a Sacrament Meeting in Springville where President and Sister Bishop spoke (Matt's Former Mission President).  They have been back just a couple of weeks. It was wonderful to hear about Taiwan and the mission from their perspective.  They talked about attending the Temple sealings of former missionaries and converts that President Bishop when he was a young missionary. They talked about watching the missionaries grow and learn to recognize the Holy Ghost and work miracles!  Sister Bishop told an inspiring story of the youth in Taiwan.  (Typhoon season runs from June through October. In fact, Taiwan was hit with a Typhoon just this past weekend.) The leaders were planning an island-wide youth conference (one in the north area and one in the south area) for last year about this time. The very weekend it was supposed to take place, a dangerous Typhoon was predicted to hammer the island.  The leaders were contemplating what to do.  When the youth heard about it, they got on their social media and spread the word to begin fasting and praying for the conference to still take place. They did not want it to be cancelled!  Their humble prayers were heard and and the Typhoon changed direction, barely touching the island. The youth conference went as planned - perhaps with an extra measure of the spirit, knowing that a miracle had happened!

Sounds like the weather did not keep Elder Gummow from having a fantastic week!  Here is his email:

"Wow!! Typhoon, Birthday, Chidaobaos!! What a beautiful week!

I'm sorry I don't have tons of time to write today because Ch.... is going to take us out to lunch today and we have to leave soon.  He's taking us to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles restaurant (Sara), he actually loves the TMNT, and always quotes them like "wakey,wakey, eggs and bakey" and also "kowabunga". It's really funny!  But I'll try and fit in as much of the events of this past week as possible.  

This we had many miracles and lots of good progress.  The Typhoon came and rained hard for about an hour in the morning and that was it.  It didn't really effect us at all, luckily.  Although it did effect the city a lot. There was trees all over the city that were fallen down and on top of cars, etc.  Pretty intense but it looked like we missed most of it sleeping through the night. 

Included in the miracles this last week, are that we are looking forward to two baptisms this weekend!  Two really really awesome investigators.  Ch... and then S......., G...DiXiong.  They both are super active and working really hard toward's baptism. 

We also had another really cool new investigator this week, C..... He was contacted during English Proselyting and came to English the same day as well as been meeting with us lately.  His background is really strong in the Gospel and he really wants to change his life so he has a really strong desires for baptism.

Also J.... decided not to become a monk!!!  The problem ended up being that his sister was trying to persuade him to convert back to Buddhism, but she finally let up this week and let him decide for himself and he decide to keep coming to our Church!!!

My birthday was amazing too! One of the best ever! The District threw a little surprise party Friday night and they all gave me gifts.  Ties, food, cake, and a companionship even wrote a song for my birthday.  It was really awesome and I'm super grateful to them.  Also I was able to spend my birthday with J...., Ch...., and G...DiXiong! All of these great people I was able to meet in Zhongming.  So I was really satisfied.  Oh and the brownies were amazing! I just wish I could have them every week!

Thank You So MUCH Family!!!  Love You Guys!!!  SOrry wish I could write more!  I promise I will next week.

Love Elder Gummow"

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