Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, June 10, 2013

Faith in Every Footstep - June 10, 2013

 It takes sweat to work on things,
 but it only takes saliva to criticize things.
-Taiwanese Proverb

This week was a good week for Elder Gummow, but he sounded a bit shook up.  It is always hard to hear something you know to be so good, criticized because of misinformation. However, his investigator is still on track for baptism and he had a really great meeting with the mission president and missionaries who will soon be returning home.

"Good to hear all the updates and everything.  Excited to hear trek is next week and sounds like it's going to be a good one.  Today I don't have a lot of time to write but I'll try and update you as best as for can this week.

The first topic of today, Americans.  This week we had abnormal amount of interactions with the people from the west.  The first off was when Elder R... and I were traveling to the Church for a lesson. I was talking to someone at the light when this American pulls up next to me and before he even stops, he starts yelling at me and telling me to stop talking to the guy, so out of shock, I did and listened to him for a second, which was a mistake! He started going off on all this stuff about false things he had heard about our church.  I didn't even have a chance to talk back to him, but it was really disconcerting seeing all the anger towards our church that  came from false rumors and who knows what. 

The second experience was a lot better. This time Elder R... ran into a person from Sweden, America, and Taiwan.  So as far as I know he could speak Sweden, English, and Chinese.  We heard his Chinese and his English - which we're both incredible, made me really jealous.  After talking to him a bit though we learned that he was Christian, a Jehovah Witness from birth and that he actually understood our Church really well.  He seemed like a really honest seeker of the truth and told us that he collected bibles and liked our Church and missionaries and stuff but there was somethings that he had questions about.  We tried as best we could to answer them and set up a different time with him to meet, which he agreed to, so now we're planning to meet with this guy next week.  Really kind of nervous and excited, not really used to teaching people with solid Christian background and in English.

Well for the best news of all!  C..... passed his baptismal interview and he's looking really good for next Saturday.  We're were getting kind of nervous too because he didn't show up to two interviews at first because he had customers at the store but finally on Thursday he was able to get the interview and Elder Baker said he passed with flying colors!  He was really good at sacrament meeting too and shared his testimony a couple times in Gospel principles class.

This week we also had our last meeting with President Bishop, he leaves at the end of this month.  It was a really touching and spiritual meeting because President and a lot of missionaries are leaving soon so they all gave final testimonies and remarks and we sang some songs.  Super good and spirit filled.

That was about it for this week. Looking back, this week was really good and filled with good things.  We were able to find lots of new people, including some really cool less-actives that we hope we can get the ward involved with. This ward/area is really filled with potential.

Also I heard they're announcing something about missionary work in two weeks on sacrament, Elder R... just got two emails about it from his parents who said they heard something like "they will be announcing something about missionary work that's the biggest news ever heard in this dispensation"  sounds like a rumor but it came from Elder R.....'s parents and grandparents firsthand.  Unless they got taken control of by zombies or something, I would believe them. "

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