Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, June 24, 2013

Loving Zhongming still! June 24, 2013

Elder Gummow enjoyed this week, made some good contacts and is gearing up for some changes with a new mission president coming in and he is almost to his halfway mark (August 15th). He sent pictures of he and his companion studying and a party with his English Class. Here is some of his email:

"Good to hear from you guys.  Sounds like it was a busy week this week.  A lot of events going on recently.  This next weeks gonna be pretty big for us too...Sara hits her halfway mark and we get a new mission president here in Taichung.  I'm pretty excited to see how this new president handles things and how he'll change the mission.  He'll be here on Thursday this week and then our old president leaves this Monday...pretty crazy.  Also this is the last move call for my trainer and a bunch of other missionaries too.  After these next six weeks we'll be some of the oldest missionaries in the mission.  Pretty Scary.

This week went well.  Pretty eventful.  C...... got the priesthood and has been getting to know the members in our ward really well through facebook.  We had a couple of cool miracles happen.  One was I was contacting this guy outside a 7-11.  At the start, I asked how his day was, etc.  He immediately responded by saying don't try to talk with me about church and started going a way but I kept talking to him and all the sudden he stopped and said "Okay I'll give you ten minutes, tell me why I should believe your church.  So we shared a simple message, exchanged information and he said we could go visit him at his house.  He actually said "If you can find my house, I'll believe your church"(his house is in a really hard place to find apparently) so I'm really hoping they find it, unfortunately he didn't live in our area so we had to refer him.

Also we met with D....... again. We had to refer him to the assistants. He takes care of snakes for fun though.  We're going to go see all his snakes today. 

Ch...., one of our investigators who is leaving for America next week,  his birthday was this week so we ate some good american style pizza with him.  He's looking really good for baptism before he leaves.  He's says that he feels God is telling him he needs to be baptized.  Also Sara - he loves Ninja Turtles and I told him that you do too so he thinks your super cool.   

Also another miracle of finding was a guy my companion contacted last week.  He ended up coming to church by himself.  We introduced prayer and reading to him this week, and the day after we invited to read, he came to the Church talking about how much he loves the Book of Mormon and asked if we have other books to read.  He read all the way from Nephi 1 to Alma in one morning and afternoon!!!  So so crazy!  He also said that he want's to get baptized but not sure on dates yet, he might have to wait till next year because of his parents, we're really hoping not though.

Excited to hear about Chad, I feel really bad I was planning on getting in touch with him before he left but I never did.  He's going to be an amazing missionary though.  I'll have to try and get in touch with him when he gets to Taiwan.

That's about it for this week, loving it here in Zhongming!  The weather's nice, the people are too - couldn't ask for more really except maybe a nap..... I'm a little tired today."

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