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Monday, June 3, 2013

Great Week - Earthshaking....! June 2, 2013

Elder Gummow purchased a voice recorder this week and sent us a short recording!  It was fun to hear his voice and his companion's.  He introduced himself as the second of 4 children from Oklahoma. He has an older brother (who served his mission in Chile) just got married a couple of months ago. Elder Gummow will be getting a new mission President on July 1st.  There was an earthquake in Nantou yesterday that they felt and an upcoming baptism!  We are so grateful for his safety and progress!  

This week went really well!  We were able to see a lot of good progression in the area.  First - we saw two really good investigators coming up this week.  The first was a man named Tim or L......., who was able to meet with us for the 2nd time this week.  We went to a members house for this lesson and shared the First Lesson and before we even started sharing the first lesson, we followed up on his scripture reading and he started sharing scriptures with us and brought up the Great Apostasy which he had already figured out for himself, after the lesson he told us he believed it all! 

The other was an investigator named Chase or C.......... that has been coming to English class for awhile, this week we met with him and his member friend named Alex or L.......... who is a member in Daya who is going to go to BYU this year to get his MBA.  We talked about the spirit and Baptism, and he told us he believed in God and was willing to get baptized.

Also this week we were able to meet with an awesome Less-Active member. About 6 months ago he reconverted back to Buddhism, but recently through the help of coming to English class and his returned missionaries encouragement he has decided he wants to quit smoking and start coming back to Church!
So these recordings are of Elder Raley, and our English Class singing How Great Thou Art, it was super fun!  Also this week was cool, last sunday we had a 6.3 magnitude earthquake right before sacrament, it's the second earthquake I've felt since I've been here.

I totally forgot school got out for you guys this week.  Congratulations!!  Hope your enjoying your vacation.  Taiwanese school kids are super hard working here, most of them get out of school in July and go back to school about the same time as American kids, but their rest time isn't usually even a rest. Usually they are doing cram school or something else instead. 

Can't believe it's June already! We are getting ready for the really hot weather- although it's been 34'ish degrees Celsius around here lately, I hope it doesn't get any warmer.  Luckily, most of our time has been spent inside lately, we've been having a pretty good amount of lessons lately so we don't have to bike around outside as much except for traveling.  Oh also one of our investigators, C........ is getting his baptismal interview tomorrow. Super excited for him!  His baptismal date is on 6/15 and he's looking really good to hit it.  We shared all the commandments with him and he had no problem with any of them (for example he already doesn't drink tea and coffee because he owns a health drink shop and already knows tea and coffee are bad for your health) really such a prepared individual.  Super humble and nice guy too.

Well thanks for the awesome update! super glad to hear from everyone and all the things that have been going on lately.  You guys are awesome for reals, Best family ever! Thanks for your great examples and help with everything.

Mom, I hope you can keep studying Chinese I'll try and send you a little quiz next week (just like my name and testimony and how many people are in my family)  I think it will be fun and then you can hear my voice in Chinese, (which is really not that good. Taiwanese people are just really nice about it). Hope you liked Elder R's little introduction :) 

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