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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day - June 16, 2013

Today was Father's Day in the USA, but in Taiwan, Father's Day falls on August 8th every year.  The reason for this is because in Chinese the word for Father is "Baba" and "Ba" also means the number "8". So "ba-ba" could also mean "8-8" or the 8th day of the 8th month.

Elder Gummow's baptism this past week was a joyful, memorable touching experience and he had a really great week!  He also sent a couple of voice recordings of some songs that the missionaries sang and his English Class attempted to sing!  Haha!  They were awesome!

"I hope you guys enjoy this recording, this is what we did last P-day.  In the background there are probably 8-10 Elders singing, backing us up.  It's really fun to us because it's filled with inside jokes and missionary stuff but I hope you guys enjoy it too.  Elder M...., my old companion in Fengyuan is the lead singer in it, and I got to play guitar for this song - although I've never actually heard this song before.  It was a blast to play and I wish the recorder could have have caught the awesomeness of a whole group of elders singing this song in harmony.  Also, the other recording is our English class - their first time singing "How Great Thou Art."

P.S.  "Yingwen Ban" means "English class", this song was made to advertise our English program :)

Anyways this week was awesome, and I feel like everything that needed to go right did so I'm really happy.  C........... was baptized!!!!!  It was an awesome, awesome ceremony too.  Our ward is super supportive and a lot of people came even though it was on Saturday morning.  After the baptism C...DiXiong bore his testimony and just thanked everyone for the support and help and then bore his testimony on prayer and started crying it was really really touching to all of us and definitely a moment I won't forget.  He's just a super honest humble guy, like after the baptismal service he went around and shook everyone's hands to thank them for coming.  The Sunday after he was super awesome too, he was barely a new member but he immediately turned to caring for our other investigators and participating in the lessons.

Also another eventful thing was that we met with that American, Swedish, Taiwanese guy this week and his wife too.  They are both Jehovah Witnesses so we were kind of scared they would try and preach to us, but really the guy, Daniel, was just a really sincere honest seeker of truth.  He listened respectfully to what we shared and tried to understand.  It was just really cool to be able to see someone that understand the Bible so well and was sincerely seeking Christ.  Also helped me realize how much I still have to learn. Unfortunately we are going to have to refer him this week though.

This week was awesome, a small, but big thing I realized this week was my birthday is less than month away. This last year has really flown by and I didn't realize that July was coming so close!  It doesn't really even feel like summer yet in my head.  This last year I feel I've grown up like 4 years though.

It was great to see your photos and hear of your trek experiences today.  I was laughing pretty hard at some of them  - you can ask my companion.  I especially like the one of Daniel and his super-focused face.  That Children's pull sounds really amazing!  I'm so glad they did it.  I was thinking about it lately and I wish I was given more responsibility and involvement in the ward when I was young.  Serving in the ward makes you really a part of the work and strengthens your testimony so much.

Well that's about it for time, It went really quick today.

Dad, Happy Father's Day, I think about it all the time what it would be like if you were a missionary in Taiwan, and how it was like for you when you were a missionary.  Thank you so much for all your sacrifice and support and help and care and most of all your great example.  Your one of the most Christlike people I know for sure and I'm so grateful your my dad.

Love You Family,  Your the greatest in the whole world!

Elder Gummow"

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