Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day! and Skype!!

 We were so happy to talk to Elder Gummow on Skype!!  The wait was a bit sleepless because in his email he told us he would be calling on 6:30 Saturday morning, but he miscalculated the time difference and in reality it was our Sunday morning.  We had re figured it correctly during the week, but weren't really sure if he would realize it or not and when he would actually call so we woke up both mornings at 5:30 am in anticipation of a call.  It was worth both waits and we loved seeing him on Skype and talking to him.  His transfer had already happened and a cute family that had just been baptized the day before was there at the church where he was using the computer!  The kids were attempting to talk to us and made cute faces and noises.  We also met his new companion from Oklahoma and his third companion who is going home this week!  We happen to know his grandparents who live in the ward Elder Gummow's grandparents live. We think his new area is called Fuhsing and is just south of Taichung, but we aren't exactly sure if that is what he said.  We will double check with him this coming week.

Elder Gummow is happy and still loving his experiences in Taiwan.  He feels that the Lord has really blessed him and even though things have been challenging, he has received the help he has needed along the way. When asked what he misses most, it wasn't the food or the bed or American living - it was family and friends.  Other than that he is happy to be in Taiwan and truly loves what he is doing. He loved hearing about home and wanted Daniel to play the trumpet for him, but we decided that our neighbors may not appreciate that so much at 7am on a Saturday Morning.  His favorite area has been his first in Fengyuan and he continues to stay in touch with the people there.

We ask him if he had any messages that we should pass on to family, ward members and friends and he said with conviction, "Go on a mission"   Simply and beautifully said.  It has truly had a positive impact on his life!

After the phone call, we received a quick email on his P-day with great news about the family of boys that he got so close to in Fengyuan and taught while he was there.

"The XXX Kids got baptized yesterday!!!!  The best part about it too was their mom came back to church after 5 or so years of inactivity to see her kids get baptized.  Such great news!!"

Elder Gummow

His previous companion, Elder B...  was there to witness it and he returns home this week!  What a great way to end a mission!

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