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Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

聞wén 之zhī 不bù 若ruò 見jiàn 之

"hearing is not as good as seeing"
 - Chinese Proverb

 We love seeing pictures and this week we were surprised to see a Facebook post of Elder Gummow with one of Sara's Friends from working at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. When I asked him where this was taken, this is what he said,
 " it was taken at Zhongming chapel. its right after their English class. it was funny, cuz i came to the class for another friend (and for some nice food too, cuz Costco is rite next to this chapel lol), n Matt found out that i just came back from Hawaii. then he asked me if i knew Sara. i was like yeah. i was a tour guide, n Sara was a photographer back in PCC. it was nice too meet him, n his chinese is getting pretty decent. impressive i would say. this is also the day they went to temple."  
- Thank you, Sara's friend,  for sharing this picture with us!!

Elder Gummow  also sent a few pictures this week!  This one was taken the day he arrived in Zhongming with one of the members.  The one at the bottom of this post is with a couple of the boys in the Fengyuan area that he taught who got baptized after he left near the beginning of May!  He was so happy that they finally were able to be baptized and enjoy the blessing of the gospel.  Here are some quotes from his email this week:

"That was fast!  It feels like I was just writing at this internet cafe- but a couple days have passed already.  I'm not sure there is much to update on yet,  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all really good days.  Had lots of lessons and good finding times.  This area is still doing good but the problem I feel like we had this week was finding progressing investigators.  We had a lot of recurring problems and scenarios with investigators the past couple days and it's been a little hard trying to get them to keep progressing in the Gospel.  So next week our focus is going to be on getting more members at lessons plus focusing on baptism goals and sacrament attendance so we can get these investigators progressing.  Right now we have two really good investigators that are looking pretty solid for baptism.  One is a W........ that we met the first day I was here, he is super cool and loves Church and comes to all the activities but his two biggest problems are that his parents might oppose him getting baptized and he still doesn't know if the Church is true.  The other investigator is C......... who is preparing for baptism next month, he's really cool already and already keeps all the commandments except Keep Sabbath Day Holy so we have a lot of hope in him.  

It's getting pretty hot here in ZhongMing too, same as it is with Sara.  Lately it's been really rainy one day and then really hot the next, so pretty bipolar.  I like the heat here though because it's also really humid which keeps you pretty cool when your riding your bike.  Sounds kind of like the heat dad was just in, I heard about the tornado too because Elder R......'s family lives in Oklahoma so it was a pretty big deal for him.  Sounds pretty crazy!

Let's see, ya we eat at Costco a lot about 3-4 times since I've been here. It is really convenient and the pizza is pretty cheap there.  I really want to buy a card there though so I can get their Chocolate muffins :)

We also did have a huge grave sweeping activity in April sorry I must've forget to write about it.  It was really cool though and we had the news there interviewing President Bishop and some of the other Elders. 

Thanks for the pictures, so cool that Daniel was playing in a concert with Mr. Hinton/ "Joshua Creek".  Super Classy.  And I'm super glad you  found that deal at" The Homestead" and you guys all got to on a mini-vacation.  Glad to hear you guys got in touch with Peja!  He's a super cool kid. 

Sorry if this letter feels a little boring this week I don't really have a lot to update about.  I think I'm going to buy a voice recorder today.  Probably a really nice one so I can record my voice speaking Chinese, my Guitar and also so I can start sending some letters as recordings instead of writing.  Thanks for the idea mom!

Hmm for miracles, this one didn't happen these last days, but Elder R..... ran into a Less-Active member on the street about a week ago, he was super super happy to see us too, and started talking about how he's been smoking and drinking lately and that it's made him really unhappy but he's been trying to hide the guilt.  However seeing Elder R..... that day made him realize that he can't be that way and that maybe it's about time he started to change and start coming to Church again.  Really cool that's something I think I learned last week is that as missionaries we really represent a lot to the world and to the members of Taiwan, and that we provide kind of a light to those without hope.  Even though we are young, only 19-24ish, people are still looking up to us. It's a lot of pressure sometimes but pushes us to be better people and representatives of Christ.

That's about it, thanks for the letter and update this week! You're the best family!!! 

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