Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo, 2013

Elder Gummow is prepping for another change this week!  We look forward to the Mother's day call and can't wait to see his face and hear his voice again! Here is an excerpt from his email this week!

"This week as far as miracles go, we had a great one but a very simple one as well -this past Sunday night. So last night we had an hour so we went and visited xxxxx at the hospital.  His dad is the guy I talked about last week, that came to the Church last Sunday by himself.  He told us last week that his hasn't seen his son for years and that he heard recently that his son was in a car wreck and wanted us to go see him at the hospital.  So we went last night, kinda of nervous because we didn't know this guy at all,  but when we got there and we started talking to him it was really good.  He was laying in bed and his leg was badly injured and he had a bunch of scars all over his body. He looked pretty bad.  Said that when he was hit he passed out and didn't know anything that happened afterwards.  Pretty Crazy.  We started talking and he told us how he always wanted to come to our English Class and our Church but never found time before.  He says he really likes the Christian religion and thought before about becoming a Christian.  So we're really hopeful that we can help him and his dad come to church and hopefully through the gospel help heal their relationship.  Above all it was just a really good meeting and we had a really good spirit-filled visit with him.  He's a super chill super nice kid.

Also this week we got a notice, my companion is going to be training his last two move calls.  So I'm going to be kicked out of Fengyuan already :(  It's okay though I was expecting it from the first when I got there, but I'll be really sad to leave Fengyuan so soon, the members here are solid, some of the best I've seen in Taiwan   Including one that is featured in the "I am a Mormon" videos, Mao Kai Ping. 

As far as Skype goes, I'm hoping that I'll be able to Skype you guys Sunday night like at 8:30 after we are done for the night so like 6:30, Saturday morning for you guys.  Sorry I wish I could do Monday, but that's the day I'll be moving so I probably won't be able to Skype then.

That's pretty much it for this week though.  Glad to hear the updates jealous of Dan's Jazz Band looks pretty sweet.  You'll have to record them jamming sometime so that I can listen to it later.  Dan your crazy for wanting to go to Prom :) Sounds like your getting pretty crazy on the trumpet though, maybe you can play something that I can hear when we Skype? 

Bry, glad to hear your having friend drama :)  Well glad to hear your being a good and loyal friend.  That's something I'm always glad of here are the people that don't judge us but treat us as equals here. 

Dad hope that your work stuff will keep getting better and better, can't wait to hear the update.

Mom, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, excited to Skype you guys this Sunday, remember to think of questions and stuff! I only have 40 minutes like last time. 


  1. So great to see that Elder Gummow is doing well.
    Sister Gummow, or (Sister Wen), I am Frank who came to your house last July with Scott when I visited Utah for vacation. I asked Zone leaders and finally found out his full name and it turned out that I found this blog.
    I just can't wait to see how Matt is doing right now. I think he will be an awesome missionary. By the way, if there is anything I can help with, you may contact me, of course.
    My mail is frank.yih.lee (gmail)
    and he can call me when needed too on 0986-766-104.


  2. Frank, I hope you got my email. So great to hear from you again! I passed your info on to Wen Zhanglao. I hope you get an opportunity to meet again! Thanks for your support!