Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fengyuan April 8, 2013

"Where ere thou art, act well thy part"

Elder Gummow is getting adjusted to a new area and companions.  He is excited for new challenges and knowledge.  General Conference was this weekend in Utah, but the Asian Countries and areas on the side of the world that are a day ahead of us will listen to Conference next week. Here are some quotes from his email this week:

"Wow so good to hear from you this week, sounds like a lot of good things happened this week.  I was really confused when you sent me a picture of the Velour, then I realized that was Nick Lambson on piano.  So sweet...

I'm so pumped for conference this week!  I have never been so pumped for it.  It's gonna be so sweet!  I heard already that they opened two new temples. 

So this week was a little rough and a lot of fun, although I was pretty tired by the end of it.  I think after every move and big change it wears me out a bunch so it takes a little getting used to, but I feel well rested and energized now.  Let me say, whitewashing is... interesting, we came in the first day looked at our plans and Elder M...... (my new companion) was just like, let's go contact everyone we see...So we did.  It's tiring but we've started to see miracles from it.

For example, Wednesday we were meeting with this former investigator at our Church for the first time when we get a knock on the window of the room we were in.  Elder M..... opens the door and there's this girl, who's like "Is this a church?"  and Can I come in?" So we let her in a she proceed to tell us some of her difficulties in life, and how her friend said if she needed helped she should come to church. So she just decided to come to church after class, and miraculously we happened to be at the church then.  She's a prepared person for sure too. Elder M...... proceeded to talk about the Atonement and how Christ has suffered for us, and after she was like "its true - I can feel it" and said the most amazing prayer I've ever heard, thanking God for her experience that day.

Oh and Elder M......'s awesome too, hard worker and a spiritual giant.  He's got great music taste too which is good for me.  Also one of his talents is freestyle rapping (on good topics of course).  Super cool, so I think today we're going to try and make a missionary rap about whitewashing or key indicators or something.  Looking forward to it :)  Oh also today we're going to an all you can eat barbeque/meat place, we're all super pumped for it!

Fengyuan is a super awesome place, lots of change from Zuoying.  Missionaries have been here awhile so pretty much everyone has seen the missionaries multiple times.  We're also in a 4 man which is super sweet and fun.  The elders with us are Elder L... and his trainee Elder S.... from Draper.  There super great missionaries too and we're all working hard to build up Fengyuan.  One of the interesting parts of Fengyuan is that the ward has 700 people in it but unfortunately only about 90-100 attend every week so we want to work hard to work together to build up the ward.

As far as investigators come, we have found a lot of good ones but it's building up slow, I think it will take a little while to really build up this area strong, but that's what we're here for of course. It's going to be interesting to see the weeks to come, but I'm most excited for this opportunity here to really grow and try and become the missionary I need to become.  Good luck to you guys this week as well.  Thanks for keeping me so updated Mom and Dad! God bless you, love you guys!"

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