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Monday, April 22, 2013

Fengyuan April 22, 2013

Elder Gummow continues to serve in Fengyuan and his time is flying by there.  Here are some quotes from this week's email  and a few pictures from the area he is serving in (sadly, he has not been taking pictures - so these are reposts from someone else's experience in Fengyuan via the internet)

"Hello again!  This week went fast! I feel like I was just barely writing emails.  This week we made some good improvement as well.  We had some okay lessons - still no really good progressing investigators, but we found a couple good new people.  

As far as miracles this week, we had this really weird one.  Tuesday morning we went to find this former investigator  - he and his kids almost got baptized.  Their house was in the middle of this really busy morning market and there were a lot of obstacles and people around so it was really hard to find the house, but we came to this area of houses and started tracting it asking if anyone knew this person, but no one was home.  While we were asking we ran across this lady who was the only one around and asked her if she knew this person. Turns out they were really good friends and so she walked us to the right lady's house which was a little ways away.  Right as we got there, two people came out of the house - a mom and her son.  They were relatives of the people we were looking for and the family wasn't home.  So we proceeded to talk to the 28ish year old son, seeing if he was willing to meet and right as he was writing down his number his mom took the contact cards away from him and told the son he was too busy to meet with us.  Really weird experience and we walked away from it both feeling like it was intended by God to happen, but not really knowing why. 

Then even crazier was the next day. We had just finished eating at McDonald's and walked out of the restaurant and we saw this guy chilling at the entrance.  Elder M..... was like "that guy seems familiar" so we went over and talked to him and we soon realized it was the same guy that we met yesterday.  We talked a bit and tried to get his number this time, but he said he couldn't but that if he had time he would come to our English Class. I'm still a little confused as why this all happened. Crazy, there is over 100,000 people in Fengyuan and we run into this same guy twice and both Elder M and I feel like it was meant to happen ...I'm still a little confused as why this all happened. I guess the story is to be continued and maybe the results won't be seen by us but by missionaries later.

Anyway, other than that we had a pretty good week, saw a lot of other miracles and we found a lot more people willing to meet with us.  Hopefully soon here we'll be seeing some good investigators that will be willing to work towards baptism.  Oh also today is a little fun because we're in a tri-companionship.  Our other companion's companion just moved to the office so he's with us until Tuesday   We're going to go get all you can eat meat today :)

Also, this week we had a mini move call and now an Elder E and Elder A are our Assistants to the president now.  The crazy thing is they're both went to Lone Peak and now they are both our assistants!  I guess I can't get away from high school :)

Wow! can't believe the news Sara got this week...training and whitewash and on her 4-5 move call!  I was kind of expecting it with all the sisters coming in and the fact that Sara has always been outstanding and on top of things and I'm sure missionary work is the same way.  She's going to do so much good though!

Thanks for all the updates and the news, Mom, it's really fun to hear about all that's going on. Haha my glasses are good but actually my eyesight is getting a little worse, I might try and buy new glasses here within the year, they're a lot cheaper and better looking here in Taiwan, but no need to worry about them for now.  Haha and yes I learned a lot from that experience :) (The bike incident)  Sorry I know I haven't sent any pictures lately, but that's also due to not having taking pictures lately, I'll try to take some this week and send them to you next.

Well I better go, love you family and thank you for everything you do!!"

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