Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, April 1, 2013

Transferred! Easter 2013

Elder Gummow got transferred this week!  He went from the southern part of his mission boundaries to the northern part.  Here is some info on where he is at!

  File:Fengyuan TC.svg

Fongyuan City
Fengyuan District is located in north-central Taichung in Taiwan on the south bank of the Dajia River. Fengyuan district is the third most populated district among former Taichung county, ranking after Dali and Taiping district. Wikipedia
Some quotes from his email this week!  

"Wow! so some updates for this week. I don't have a lot of time to write today.  My new companion and I just got here and we still have a lot to do to prepare...but ya - I moved!! My first move call!  Pretty crazy...all went real smoothly and Elder M....... and I just got here.  It was a long ride up here - 3 hours.  I'm in the north now - the farthest up north possible I think, near the border of the Taipei mission.  I'm in a place called Fengyuan, and  because of all the new missionaries coming in, they just recently split up this area so now we're sharing a 4 man and they split up the area of Fengyuan. My companion and I are "whitewashing" too.  "Whitewashing" means that we start the area with basically nothing, no progressing investigators. So we start and build up from basically a clean slate.  It's pretty exciting and the challenge that I was hoping for. I just hope that all will go well and smoothly these next weeks.  It's a little bit scary starting from nothing.

Thank you so much for the CD, by the way, and the letters too, they were such a great support!  When I was companions with Elder B.. he got that CD around Christmas time and we would play it everyday...it's soo good and when Elder B.... left I missed it a lot and was going to ask if you could find it for me, but instead you read my mind and sent it anyways... Thanks, it's perfect.  I especially love track 5 - "Joy to the world", it's super good and remind me of Steve whenever I listen to it.

Last week, unfortunately, nothing changed with the L... kids and they actually weren't able to make it to church because they were out of town for holidays, "saomu".  I got to say my last goodbyes to them on Saturday though...that's the saddest part of leaving an area, is leaving all the people you knew there and all the people you were working with.  All the people there that got baptized were SOO cool and I'll miss not being able to see them at church anymore.  It time for new start though and I'm super excited to be here in Fengyuan...A little scared too because I'm not sure what's coming up.  I'll keep you guys updated for sure.  Help pray for the investigators in Zuoying, I hope so much that area will see success and that the investigators  we were working with can all get baptized.  That's about it for this week, I'll keep you guys better updated next week for sure, - sorry.  Love You and Happy Easter and General Conference!"

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